Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mind appears as waking or dream and disappears and deep sleep, this has to be understood first.

The man and his world are within the mind. And mind appears as waking or dream and disappears and deep sleep, this has to be understood first. 
The mind is known and the soul is that which knows. One has to analyze known (three states) and knower (soul).  Then only one is able to conclude that the three states are only mental. Thereby further analysis one discover that both the three states and soul are only one substance.
Soul is only another name for self. The soul or consciousness, the innermost self does not change; its contents change, and the soul or consciousness, the innermost self knows the changes.
The first step is to distinguish between the knower (soul) and the known (mind). One never sees the three states coming and going.  One is aware of the experiences of the three states in waking experience alone. Therefore, there is only waking experience (mind) from which he has to  analyze.
One never sees the three states coming or going because he is limited to the waking experience alone. But he is only aware of the dream and deep sleep experiences in waking experience. When he becomes aware of the fact that the self is not physical but it is formless spirit and then he becomes aware that the witness of the three states is formless and apart.
 All thoughts come and go to the person within the waking or dream. Waking and dream are noting but mind.  The unitary substance of the Mind is always the soul or spirit. Mountains may multiply in one’s dream, but the soul itself does not therefore increase or gain. The individual experiences of the waking or dream are illusion created out of the soul or consciousness or spirit.

When one regards waking, dream and deep sleep as object, then he must know that there is something which sees or knows them. In this sense only he will be able to think of the formless witness. Hence object (three states) is a necessity in order to point to the existence of the formless witness.
When one does not regard three states as object he loses the knowledge that there is a formless witness.

People cannot think of the Mind without some object, thought etc. contained in it; they cannot believe in consciousness apart from the contents of consciousness. People regard objects only as material, whereas in realm of truth even thoughts and experience also as being objective as material things.  People are ignorant and they have no idea of a subject(soul or consciousness, the innermost self) and hence never seek for it.

Discrimination between real and unreal is separating subject from object.  How does one know he and his experience of the world exist? With what does he know that he exits? It is the witness that gives him the idea of being and he extends it to three states. Apart from the formless witness one never realizes that there is such a thing as soul.

Scientists think only of the world as a whole.  it never strikes to them of the existence of the formless witness of the three states. they think the three states are individual experience and and they are experience of the waking entity. 

They think  world is apart from the physical entity. And they also think that, the birth, life and death takes place within the world. And they have the firm conviction that, the world existed prior to man  and he is born in it. Until all these convictions are there it is impossible to find the ultimate truth because they think the physical entity is true self and the world as reality.       
One has to give up the three states mentally in order get the ultimate truth or Brahman. When one gives up the 'mind ' he gets soul. Detach the soul from  mind mentally by realizing mind is mere illusion created out of the soul, which is in the form of consciousness.  

All intellectuality may seem nearer to truth but they are not truth in themselves.  People think the truth is difficult because, they think they are unable to come out of the grip of the practical  life. But truth can be realized with lesser time and effort, if they are ready to drop their preconceived ideas and conditioning. 
One can only know the illusion when he discriminates between the mind   and the soul or consciousness (formless substance of the mind). Mind was nonexistent when one analyzes and he realizes it is just illusion created out of formless stuff. Just as one knows the sound by its contrast to silence, he will know the diversity by its contrast to unity.

The great thinkers’ investigation into mind is infinite; it will always go on and yet never come to an end. Thinking the mind is within the body they go on and on forming new theories.  But all these remain as theories based on the form, never on the formless. Whatever theories and argument based on the form is not the truth. There is no scope of argument in formless base because there is no doubts and confusion.  Since, people are egocentric they are stuck with their pre-conceived ideas and they are searching for easier truth, to suit their time and lifestyle.  Thus they will remain in discussing the truth with their preconceived and circling the ego.   
Some are beginning to learn, the true nature of the illusion or mind and they will reach their non-dual destination. People who are stuck with their preconceived theories will only discover more theories. Realizing the self is not physical but it is formless spirit; they will have to turn to the formless witness of the three states, in order to realize the truth is beyond the three states.
When one denies the existence of the soul, he denying his own existence; soul is the secret support of his denial.  Therefore, it is necessary to know the soul means the formless substance of the physical existence or mind.  Thus, the meanings of the words are only to understand and assimilate the truth, not reject the words, merely because someone suggests it because it is religious word.

The formless witness alone is permanent, the three states goes. Those who cannot understand and analyze all experience into formless witness (subject) and three states (object) will always have trouble in understanding and assimilating the non-dual truth.

The object (three states) may be imagined, but one cannot speak of them unless he has a subject (formless witness) which is unimagined. It is there always, hence it is impossible to be aware of any three states (object) without the formless witness (subject).

There can be no such thing as an object (three states) unless there is the subject (soul or consciousness). Nobody can see the limitations of the Witness i.e. soul or consciousness, the innermost self. If he sees his limitations, then he is seeking those of the object, not of subject.