Monday, June 14, 2010

Creator and creation is part of the duality.

Creator and creation is part of the duality. In non-duality there is neither creation nor creator. Cause and effect theory holds good only when one views and judges the worldview on the base of false self as real self. 

When the seeking mind learns to view the worldview on the base of the soul, which is  true self then he  becomes aware of the true fact there is nothing exist other than soul, which is in the  form of consciousness. Consciousness pervades in everything and everywhere in all the three states. The nature of the three states is consciousness. In absence the three states the consciousness alone exists as formless non-dual existence.
The people who believe god as creator will not be able to cross beyond the barricade of experience of duality/physicality. They get stagnant in believing duality or physical existence as reality.

To overcome this experience of illusory physical existence [mind] one has to investigate what is self first, whether 'ego ' is self or something else is self. Without knowing what is true self non duality is a distant dream.

One who is stuck with his inherited conditioning and accumulated knowledge from what he has read and assimilated and accepted them as truth, is not receptive to receive self- knowledge.

Seeker has to verify on every angle through inquiry, analysis and reasoning on his own and accept only un-contradicted truth. The spiritual truth cannot be contradicted. Religious truth is individual not universal.

Idea of God as a creator holds good theoretically .This idea of god is introduced by the organized religion and rulers in the past, to keep the mass in their control by conditioning the mass mindset, to be, to believe, to behave and live in the society by strictly following its ethics and code of conduct.  But this idea of god becomes a biggest obstacle in pursuit of truth, because one is unable to cross the threshold of duality, which he experiences it as reality. 

When duality accepted as reality then the birth, life, death and the world will prevail as reality. Thus, the false self[ego]  prevails as true self , and thinks whatever it has seen, known ,believed and experienced as a person as reality.    

When the mind becomes aware of its formless substance, and   able to view and judge on the base of its formless substance, then there is neither the world, nor the perceiver of the world, nor the belief of god, exits as reality.

The whole illusion, in which man perceives the world,   is created and sustained by consciousness. Therefore, the diversity within the consciousness is mere illusion.  There is no second thing other than the consciousness, hence it is non dual. On the standpoint of the consciousness [soul] nothing exists, nothing ever existed; nothing will ever exit other then consciousness.