Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Deep sleep is not wisdom

Deep sleep is not wisdom

The absence of mind [experience of duality] which is wrongly called ‘nothingness or emptiness’ – is the true nature of real, unconditioned consciousness. The real nature of the soul [consciousness] is like deep sleep experience. When one consciously becomes aware of the fact that everything in all the three states is consciousness, and then he will realize the fact that, the consciousness alone exists and he becomes free from the burden and bondage of duality, which he was experiencing it as reality?

The absence of the mind in deep sleep or yogic Samadhi is not wisdom, but the formless knower of the presence and absence is the real and eternal.

There neither ignorance nor wisdom in deep sleep. Deep sleep is unconsciousness of real and unreal, therefore it is not wisdom. The wisdom has to be gained in the midst of ignorance by realizing “what is truth?” and “what is untruth?” and accepting truth and rejecting the untruth mentally. Whatever prevails after negating the untruth is ultimate truth.

The ignorance of Truth is the knowledge of physical existence [man universe]. By holding the object as subject means not to know the Truth. Whatever prevails without the object is the formless substance and knower of the object. If the objective awareness is discarded, what remains is consciousness alone, which is the formless subject. The consciousness is the essence and the background of the objective awareness, which is in the form of mind.

The knowledge of any one object may also be said to be the ignorance. In deep sleep unconscious absence of all objects. Thus unconscious absence of object in deep sleep is not wisdom. When one consciously becomes aware of the unreal nature of the objects in the midst of waking experience is wisdom.