Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Mind” is the mother of all falsies.

"Mind” is the mother of all falsies. Our lives are reality within the false.  Our activities arising from the false self are also false. If the cause is false, then the effect must be automatically wrong as well. The false is based on the following:
·         Identification the self with   the physical body.
·         Thinking oneself as an individual separate from the universe.
·         Thinking the universe existed prior to him and he is born in this universe afterwards.
·         Thinking that sense pleasures are the source of real happiness or eternal peace.
·         Believing that material wealth is the source of real security in life.
All these thoughts keep one in the grip of illusion, which he experiences as reality. The moment he identifies his- self with the consciousness, then their reality will crumble as house of cards.
One has to realize the fact that, the self is not physical but the Self is the formless soul. The soul is in the form of consciousness. Therefore, the self is not this physical body, and physical body is not the self. Therefore, to take this material body as the true Self or to identify with it is the greatest mistake.  Thus, one’s chance of linking with the Infinite Consciousness depends on his true identification. If he misses this point, that is, if he blunders in recognizing his True identity is not physical but consciousness then he will be immersed in   the material existence and experiences it as reality.