Saturday, June 5, 2010

Whatever you have read, heard, seen, known, believed and experienced as person of the world appears, when the mind[I] appears, and it disappear when the mind disappears.

S: I used to read lots of books on non fiction, mostly from darwin,rousseioue,vivekananda,voltarie,bertant rouselle, some of the anicient books and lots of books mostly in basement libary around india. My simple question was from where we have come? what is our role here? and where we are going ? This made me to search for truth at leaset for a decade , i was like a wanderer and there was no answer from any body other than my MIND, one fine day my mind started observeing the mind and what ever around u was very being understood , then the question of asking stopped , because what u are asking question is nothing but ur answer lies within our self.

I started expermenting atleast for next eight years with silence,nature, the so called truth and love, i know these all things just became beyond words which immeasureable , cannot be said in words , just touch and touch me not.

I started slowly understanding this unknown , there is nothing called soul any where it is only, STILL ness and void. Some time if ur not with the whole experince of knowledge there is chancees of going in illusiion , which the so called swami and gurus are doing.

The physical conditioning of consciousness does not takes place becasue u only live now and nothing for tommorow, the fact is MIND acts as it is and less or more.

U live beyond time and we do not like to exploit , the society the way it is happeneing now, we are very conscious of ourself to the nature, people animals and so on.

There is nothing in this called Soul , in true all conscious enery i know the commercialization has exploited the human mind with Women,wine and wealth.

I think we will survive with this and fell ourself like living for another 10,000yrs or more.

The whole exiestance of our self is being checked , countered, exploited, and so on by the words like soul there is only one to KNOW Thyself.

I am sure the soul is also a ILLUSION and dream.
A: Whatever you have read, heard, seen, known, believed and experienced as person of the world  appears, when the mind[I]  appears, and it  disappear when the mind disappears. Therefore, all your experiences are within the mind, which appears as waking or dream and disappears as no mind or deep sleep. There is no need for any egocentric theories and teaching in pursuit of truth.
Religion, yoga, scriptural studies and intellectuality are nothing to do in pursuit of truth.  One has to investigates “what is mind?” and “what is the substance of the mind” to unfold the mystery of the mind.  If one becomes aware with what the mind is able to sustain itself, then he becomes aware of the ultimate truth. Since every one of us judging the truth on the base of their accumulated knowledge they go round and round never come to any final conclusion.
The look of any object will depends upon the medium through which the self observes it. If, the self observes through physical apparatus, then the mental and intellectual conditions will determine the three states observed and experienced. If the self [soul] is without the physical apparatus views the same phenomenal world finds nothing other than itself.  Therefore, there is a need to know the fact that, the ego [body] is not the self, and learn to view and judge the truth on the base of the self, which is in the form of consciousness.

The individual experiences are happening within the mind. Until we think mind is within the body, we remain ignorance of the truth.   Therefore, one has to find the fact that, whether the mind is within the body or body and the world are within the mind.
  One interprets the object that he sees in terms of his existing accumulate knowledge based on the ego.  The Gnani sees the play of consciousness everywhere and in everything in all the three states. Therefore, it is very much necessary to learn to view and judge the truth without the physical apparatus. Without the physical apparatus the self is formless soul..... or anyone can call it anything which makes sense.      
Soul, self, spirit, Brahman, Ataman, consciousness emptiness, nothingness, no one no mind higher self super consciousness ,which are mere name given to the same thing, you can call any name  to the formless existence,  the words are mere pointers  communication purpose.  
We are discussing about the soul in illusion, and when the illusion disappears there is nothing is there to call it or name it. Whatever prevails without the illusion is ultimate reality.