Friday, June 18, 2010

Until the thirst for truth has not come, he is immersed in the worldly pleasures.

When one is thirsty, he cannot sit idle he runs about for water. Until the thirst for truth has not come, he is immersed in the worldly pleasures. The desire for knowledge has not grown strong in people; therefore they are satisfied with the worldly religious life. One who is in quest for truth begins to inquire deeply until he reaches his destination.

Seeker has to discriminate between the three states and realize the fact that, body, world, people are all in waking and waking experience is absolutely unreal like a dream.

Seeker has to always think that this body is only an illusory apparatus created out of consciousness within the illusory experience [mind]. The mind is contained within the consciousness which is the true self.
The indivisible changeless, effulgent consciousness is lying hidden under these delusive veils; therefore its real nature is unknown to ego. The direction of the ego which always runs after the senses has to be turned within. One has to overcome the ignorance in order overcome the illusion. 

The body and universe is but gross -- it dissolves as the consciousness. Because of the accumulated mental impressions it remains until the Self - knowledge arises. Therefore, the seeker has to indulge in spiritualistic discrimination plunge this mind in the consciousness, which is ultimate reality. When the mind becomes aware of its formless substance, all limiting adjuncts vanish and one is established in ultimate reality.
It is difficult for people to direct their uncontrolled ego towards ultimate truth because of their inherited conditioning.