Sunday, July 11, 2010

The God is present in the form of consciousness.

God is Consciousness that pervades the entire universe of the living and the non-living.
- Ramakrishna

Meher Baba said: - To love god as he ought to be loved, we must love for god and die for god, knowing that the goal of life is to know God, and find him as our own self.

To realize God is to attain liberation from the bondage of illusion. 

Live only to find and realize your true identity with your beloved God.

The energy which is expended in mere thinking, taking or writing is like steam which escapes through the whistle of railway engine …

That is why the sages have always insisted on practice rather than theory. This applies particularly to those who want to know and realize God.  
-----It means one has to one has to know and realize his inner most self is god and identify it has his true identity to find liberation from the bondage of  the illusion of birth, life, death and world[duality].   The goal of our life is to find and realize our identity with our beloved God, which is our innermost self.  The soul is the  innermost self. The soul is present in the form of consciousness. Thus,  the  God is present in the form of consciousness.

The knowingness arises because of consciousness. Consciousness is without words because only in duality (mind) it is identified with the word. Mind rises unknowingly and unsolicited from consciousness. The knowingness is possible only in the realm of the mind. The mind appears as universe in which man experiences the birth, life and death. One has to hold on to the formless substance and witness(soul or consciousness)  of the mind and learn to reason on the base of the  soul (consciousness) as self then one will be able to unfold the mystery of the mind ,which is present in the form of  the Universe.

the universe contains  ego, body and of everything else. In the process of this revelation, one becomes aware of the fact that,  the soul the innermost  self, which is present in the form of  consciousness, is not confined to individualistic personality but to the whole universe.  The whole universe is nothing but mind. The mind is mere mirage created out of consciousness. from ultimate standpoint  the man + universe are mere mirage created out of consciousness. thus everything is created out of consciousness,which is God . Thus everything is God.