Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Only through discussion beginners and intermediates gradually become aware what is what.

Only through discussion beginners and intermediates gradually become aware what is what. Only after they have been through the inquiry, analysis and reasoning they ready for journey towards non-duality. When one say all these are imagination, he wants to attain to a state when he can negate the whole illusion--one thorn pulling out the other thorn and both thrown away--that is the whole of secret , and hence seeker has to think deeply before commenting on the base of accumulated waking or dream centric knowledge which always misleads.

No one has seen anyone imposing the illusions of the world on them. Therefore one must conclude that they are self-imposed.

Soul is infinite but in dream it imposes the limitation on itself in the form of a animal which it sees there but which is only itself. Similarly in waking it impose other limitations in the form of other objects and persons, everything is really the soul or consciousness. Therefore, one has to constantly reflect by thinking the self is not limited by the physical body, but self is unlimited." Soul/self should not be confine to the physical body alone but to the three states.

People use the term "The Oneness " or "The Unity," but they do not know what they mean in spiritual sense. “The One” is only an idea. Realization of the fact that, there is no second thing exist other then the soul is unity in diversity.

One has to associate the idea of soul [consciousness] with all his activities, such as- eating, working, pleasure. He has to do this as a 24/7 exercise, practice. This is path of wisdom. One must not think "I am the soul” and then regard the world as non-soul. He must think constantly : " Soul is formless substance and the witness, of all three states, and the three states are mere mirage on the standpoint of the soul, which is the true self. With this true idea remove all false ideas, then throw both ideas away and lay hold of that which is beyond all ideas. One has to discard all ideas when he reaches the perfect understanding and realize ultimate truth, which cannot be described by thoughts or words. Ultimate truth can be known only as the subject. It cannot be known as such for then it becomes an object