Saturday, August 21, 2010

At the first stage of human life, everyone is a realist

At the first stage of human life, everyone is a realist. One feels pain, and enjoys the pleasures of life and accepts its reality. The second stage is to inquire into the nature of one’s experience. Such inquiry leads to the discovery of its unreality. But people do not worry about truth? They do not want inquire. They want to find satisfaction in the physical world.

All the 24/7, if possible, seeker should be making inquiry. Every object one sees, seek to know the truth about it, not mere appearance to make sure the objective awareness is possible only in waking/dream. The waking/dream appear and disappear thus they are impermanent in their nature.

Millions of creature and animals and human beings suffer and die annually. Why! Where is the benevolent God in all this? What is its meaning? Only in pursuit of truth alone one gets replies satisfactorily.

The physical entity, world, Himalayan Mountains disappear along with waking and dream. Thus all form in the waking/dream dissolves as conciousness, which is the source of the waking/dream from where it has erupted.

Discrimination between Self [soul/consciousness] and Not-self [waking/dream] is the first step in pursuit of truth. Begin by analysing the physical body: the same applies to the universe.

The birth, life and death are part of the illusion. Thus until and unless and until one makes sure, on what standpoint the birth, life and death are illusion. Without analysing it one experiences duality as reality.

Until man thinks as a man, the duality will prevail as reality, and he is bound to believe the birth, life and death as reality. And he views and judges and concludes everything on the base of his birth entity, which is part of the illusion. Therefore there is a need to know the fact that, whether the physical body is the true self or the soul [consciousness] is the true self. If one proves the body is the true self, and then one can take the birth, life and death are reality. If physical body is not the self, then the birth, life and death are mere illusion. Thus one has to know, the one knower of the illusion [birth, life and death] to unfold the mystery of the existence. Searching for the knower mentally will lead one to realize the fact that the consciousness is the true self. And the consciousness is the formless substance and witness of the three states [illusion].