Saturday, August 21, 2010

Consciousness by its very nature is self- luminous

Birthlessness of the consciousness, which is free from manifestation and causal relationship, is absolute and constant. For duality i.e. the perceiving consciousness  and its objects is merely an objectification of the consciousness.

Realizing the absence of causality as ultimate truth and not finding any other reason for birth, one attains that state which is free from grief, desire and fear.

On account of attachment to unreal objects the mind pursues such objects. But it comes back to its pure state when it attains non-attachment, realizing their unreality.

The consciousness  freed from attachment to all external objects and undistracted by fresh objects attains the state of immutability.  Consciousness,which is free from illusion  is undifferentiated, birthless and non-dual.

The birthless, dreamless and sleepless Reality reveals itself by itself; for this consciousness by its very nature is self- luminous.  The Consciousness becomes easily hidden because of attachment to any single object and is revealed with great difficulty.

The ignorant, with their spiritually immature   minds, verily cover consciousness by predicating of it such attributes as existence, non-existence, existence and non-existence and total non-existence, deriving these characteristics from the notions of change, immovability, combination of change and immovability and absolute negation, which they associate with consciousness.
Attachment to unreality hides the truth from one's view. He who knows the consciousness as self  ever untouched by them indeed knows all to be as  consciousness.

There is nothing else remains to be desired by him who has attained the natural state, a state of complete non-duality, which is without beginning, middle, or end.