Saturday, August 21, 2010

The ignorant thinks “Whatever agrees with his view point is truth, whatever disagrees is false.

The ignorant thinks “Whatever agrees with his view point  is truth, whatever disagrees is false. The sense “I” blocks him to get at truth. The sense of ‘I’ is standing in the way. Therefore, understanding “What is ‘I’ or mind?” is most important factor in pursuit of truth. 

Those who get disappointed with life take to yoga, but that does not qualify them for self-knowledge which requires a passion for non-dual truth, not merely disgust with world. Still latter is useful preliminary stage to get the mind free for inquiry, untroubled by attainments and desires which hamper clear calm unprejudiced investigation.

The’ I’ /mind must be understood, and then it becomes easier to assimilate self-knowledge. Without inquiry and reasoning on the true base one can’t get truth.

The object of yoga is to enable you to get free from attachment, to enable the mind to get concentrated: to get free from attachment means attachment to a second thing, and hence it is a discipline, training for spiritual journey.

The three types of people mentioned may also be divided as follows:

 Low: those governed by emotion alone.

 Middling: those governed by emotion and intellect mixed more or less equally.

 High: those whose emotions are governed by reason.

All interpretation of the world is according to the taste and capacity to understand and grasping power of the person. Hence to remove all bias and fallacies from the mind, to render it impartial, is most difficult part of the work for beginners in pursuit of truth.

Just as there are people who like a particular type of sweet, so there are others who like a particular kind of yoga or religion or philosophy. This is the basis on which they take up their attitude to life instead of un-preferentially seeking its truth.

When people do not understand or able to grasp non dual truth, they naturally dislike it. It is hard to grasp of course, but only psychological complexes cause people to use this difficulty as an unconscious excuse for dislike.

Unless one is prepared to devote sufficient time to pursuit of truth, it cannot be grasped. It is too subtle to yield to anything short of acute long-sustained thinking which is ever probing until it gets down to the last root of the matter. To get such amount of time it may be necessary to sacrifice watching T.V and giving up reading unwanted subjects and indulging in discussion other than non-dual truth.

Ignorance covers reality. So long as the 'I' remains delusion persists. No possibility of self-knowledge. Whilst the mind is restless and unsettled, it cannot grasp the non-dual truth.