Saturday, August 21, 2010

In Reality, one will not find cause and effect

Swami Vivekananda:-  Space, time, causation are all delusions. It is your disease that you think you are bound and will be free. You are the Unchangeable. Talk not. Sit down and let all things melt away... they are but dreams. There is no differentiation, no distinction; it is all superstition. Therefore be silent and know what you are... You are the essence of Bliss. 

People who say cause and effect are the same, identical, and there is no distinction between them, have gone high but still not reached the highest truth, which is that causality itself is only an idea, meaningless, imaginary and not really existent. In Reality, one  will not find cause and effect. The cause and effect theory is reality within the illusion.

From practical standpoint causality seems to exist and we may take it so for working purposes. But that means from standpoint of non-inquiry, i.e. ignorance. The waving machine, thread and waver appear to be causes of the cloth. But if you go to the root of the matter one will find that all is not known about the causes. How the thread does is produced? What is the cause of thread? Thus you go on regressing and find it necessary to confess ignorance at the end. Some of the factors only are known; others can never be known. Therefore it is impossible to say any one thing is the cause of the thread because it stretches back in an endless chain of previous links, like the problem of a First Cause, a regress which reveals the ultimate inter-dependence of all things. Hence philosophy analyses causation in order to show it is only one’s imagination after all, because there is no certain knowledge.