Saturday, August 21, 2010

The intense concentration required to grasp the non-dual truth

The intense concentration required to grasp the non-dual truth.  graping faculty has to be   fine and "sharp as the razor's edge. He must be able to keep all other thoughts away in order to perceive the Non-dual truth. One has to be able to rise above emotions if he wants to find truth. It is emotion which leads to religion and mysticism.

The proper qualifications must be possessed by the seeker; otherwise he will not meet with success. He must be bent on truth, knowledge, the removal of ignorance rather than peace only, for instance, and if he dogmatizes then truth is unattainable, he is also unqualified, and if he is merely curious he is unfit.

The qualifications required of the seeker are discrimination between real and unreal: this is the faculty of reason based on the soul as self, which discriminates truth from falsehood. Reason is not intellect, which is based on the ‘I’ the physical self. Inquiry means enquiry into the reason of everything.

Calmness of mind, freedom from worries and yogic peace, are qualities of greatest help in quest of truth. But yogic calmness alone does not directly yield knowledge: it is not the end; the seeker must make use of his brains also.

The personal qualifications of an aspirant must be supplemented by this perfect guidance, (b) study of F.P Blogs (c) leisure to carry on these studies and to think about consciousness [soul] as self.

Intellectuals must give up their conceit and vanity and seek Truth. Seeker of truth has to pursue spiritualistic based on the soul as self and inquiry to the logical end, whether it yields satisfaction or not. At one stage of the quest of truth seeker should not give it up half-way. There can be no understanding of truth unless he is determined wholeheartedly to get at it.

Seeker of truth only wants one theory. That is, what is the meaning of the all the three states, which appear and disappear in succession, the truth regarding life and existence? He wants to know the truth eternal, because everything else is perishable including man and his universe. Therefore one has to think calmly and consider what it is that he wants from life.

Yoga is intended to remove conflicts which exist, out of the mind and to keep out conflicts, doubts and passions. It means keeping the mind always calm and alert. Yoga is a psychological training which helps the beginners in path of inquiry.

Benefit of yoga is to give freedom of mind from worries, anxiety and troubles so that in short, to give the mind peace, so that it may pursue the higher quest undisturbed and able understands and assimilate the non-dual truth.