Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just as the scientist approaches objects, so must approach words and study their nature and meaning.

Just as the scientist approaches objects, so must approach words and study their nature and meaning. "Everything is name and form in experience of diversity. What does it mean by name? If there is no name and form then there is no division in consciousness. The enquiry into this single term constitutes a profound spiritualistic activity which the scriptural scholars always perform wrongly because they take the word superficially. 

People who talk of "spiritual life" use words without meaning. Human life is mere thinking, while 'spiritual' is as much thought as 'material' life. The yogi has the same life as others. Then again the spirit is a word, a thought nothing more. Therefore, one must be precise, exact and definite if he wants to know non dual truth. He must work his thinking faculty to see what he really understands by this term which he uses.

Seeker should not halt even for a minute to understand what he means by the words he uses. Everyone uses "real" without knowing what he is saying. To know what the word "pain one must contrast it with "pleasure. Without such contrast it is meaningless. Similarly there is no such thing as absolute. For one do not know what meaning it has. What is the characteristic of "reality?" common people takes what appears to them senses only as real.

People do not know the distinction between truth and reality. It is characteristic of the human mind; it is youth or primitivity, to use words without accurate meaning. The contrast of duality is non-duality. Non duality has to be grasped mentally thinking of contrast of duality.

Intellectuals often carried away by words when they write or speak. This sort of firing away mere words, sounds will not of any use in pursuit of truth. Every word must have a real defined meaning; seeker must think “what does this term denote and examine every term carefully on what context the world is used.

The knowledge of the Whole is required in pursuit of truth. Positivists confine themselves only to the experience of duality; therefore positivity is mere “view," or "opinion", certainly not belongs to field of non-dual truth.

Similarly the 'realists' talk of perceiving external reality only, but they have not inquired into the exact meaning of "perceive." They use the word without profound analysis of what they are talking about! Therefore realism is superficial and of little value from standpoint of non-dual Truth.

Philosophy in the world is slowly drifting to common sense, because it is slowly realizing the fact that it must get at the meaning of words, it must analyze them.

Materialistic people tell the seekers of truth be satisfied with practical life. Yet each man's idea of 'practical' differs according to his standpoint. So even there one is left in the air.