Saturday, August 21, 2010

Non dual truth is reasoned proved truth

Non dual truth is reasoned proved truth; mysticism relies on personal experience as truth; scholasticism takes private interpretation as truth. Pursuit of truth aims at the unification of the whole experience of diversity. Scholasticism is an excellent exercise for the mind but not as a means to truth.

Pursuit of truth is the opposite of Yoga, because it wants one to exercise his mind and get at non dual truth by discrimination. People are interpreting scriptures, faiths etc. by reason, more or less imperfect but emotionally are attached to the scriptures, and they get upset if anyone say anything about their scriptures. Such mind-sets are still in primitive stage, it takes a long time for them to understand the scriptures are not the means for self-realization.

The fullness of reason is the only final arbiter one possesses. "What is truth?" is the question he must put first. Hence definitions are essential because it carries different meanings to different minds. The mystic truth is individual truth not universal. Non dual wisdom is higher than mysticism.
Self- Knowledge is only is true knowledge not the absence of duality.  Self -Knowledge cannot destroy the world but it eliminates the ignorance and exposes the unreal nature of the mind or universe.

Non dual wisdom requires investigate in to the mind, analysing the mind, which appears as universe, realizing the fact that, the mind rises and subsides from formless source, which is consciousness.  The consciousness is the true self. Therefore, one has to learn to judge the truth from the standpoint of the source from where the mind rises and subsides, not from the standpoint of the waking entity, which is the false self.  

As one gets convinced, certain, of the truth that the world is nothing but consciousness, and there is no second thing, then he get conviction that, all the three states to be consciousness in the midst of duality.  Realizing the truth in the midst of duality is wisdom.
Seeker has to practice thinking that he is neither the doer nor the enjoyer and his existence as a person is limited to the waking experience.  Thus neither the waking entity nor the dream entity is the self.  The true self is that which witnesses the three states as a whole.  When he realizes the waking entity is not the self then he will gradually realize the fact that, whatever is seen as waking /dream is only mirage created out of consciousness. Therefore when he realizes the waking experience is   the mirage then he realizes the stuff from the mirage is made, which is consciousness to be real.