Saturday, August 21, 2010

Non dualistic or Advaitic Truth means that which is accepted by all to be alike and which is universal.

Non dualistic or Advaitic  Truth means that which is accepted by all to be alike and which is universal. It is impossible to mistake non dual truth, when one has it for anything else. If it is not like this then he has not truth but a conviction.

Why People rebuke science for constantly changing its theories, when fresh evidence keeps accumulating and forces revision of former views. Thus some people therefore turn to mysticism and get peace, not the conflict of theories. This is feebleness and will not solve the problems for mysticism itself has a conflict of theories. It is better to stick to the quest of truth; hence it requires braveness to preserve in the effort to solve these problems.

Science does not pretend to reach where pursuit of truth takes one. They are two different things, pursuit of truth deals with the dual (waking or dream) and non-dual (deep sleep) experiences, whether seen or unseen, whereas science deals only with what it can see. If there is no proof, then it is falsehood!

Logic is based on the physical self, therefore Logic can never yield ultimate truth, but it has value and necessity in practical worldly life. Scholasticism says: “According to this theory it is so" or "According to that theory it is so" or "According to scriptures it is so" etc. All this is being based on assumption, not fact, and can never arrive at truth, only opinion.

The seeker has to follow a certain method which is not followed by non-truth seekers. People interpret the same thing in different ways. Seeker of truth has to know whether their interpretation is correct, whether they hold good on the base of soul as self. The aim must be to know the non-dual truth; otherwise one fall a prey to imagination.

Some people who boast of ancient events with certainty talk as if they were present and knew these happened, seeker of truth , however, must admit he do not know.

People get tired of too many words, interpretations and they rush from one extreme to another and into mysticism. Everyone uses the word “truth" and talks of it only from his own imaginary standpoint and not as it is.

Those who talk of other worlds, whether mystic/astral planes or religious death-worlds go beyond one’s experience and seeker of truth has only listen and withdraw. Seeker of truth deal only in the world before him, the only world he knows.

Two questions arise when claims are made:-

How does one know that it is the truth?

 How does one know that it is final and ultimate truth?

In future one may change his opinion.

How does one know that there is something beyond experiences of the three states? "What is truth?" is the chief question above all others. It has remained unanswered because so few have the capacity to think sharply and deeply enough. Non-contradiction is the test of truth.

It is by the process of negation and affirmation that Atman becomes the subject of reasoning. It is by reasoning that the identity of individual self and soul is established. A direct knowledge of Atman can never arise through any mystic initiation. Yoga has no place in it. It can arise only through reasoning.

Want of faith is the obstacle to religion. Want of inquiry is the obstacle to pursuit of truth. Only through inquiry, analysis and reasoning on the true base one will be able to reach Atman  One who makes no use of his reasoning faculty, knowledge of Atman is impossible? Logic can never give one non dual truth.