Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prior predilections have no place in pursuit of truth

Prior predilections have no place in pursuit of truth, only in practical life. Seeker must drop them if non dual truth is to be found.

The pursuit of truth is a process of hard thinking, not of mere learning like scholarism. It is a mental journey and there is no physical effort. Seeker of truth has to be cautious in acceptance of doctrines, the doubt of conclusions that have been quickly arrived at, is not only a scientist's qualification but also of the seekers of truth.

History speaks that even scientific and verifiable facts have been criticized and ridiculed, how much more is this likely to happen with spiritualistic truth, since people are unable to understand and assimilate , because of their inherited conditioning which is based on the ‘I’ which is false self. This shown that the mass mindsets are ignorant and prejudiced and unable to appreciate truth.

Purifying the mind; this is the aim of yoga; what it really means is to purify the mind from all distracting factors. In this way yoga becomes an initiation into pursuit of truth, to stop the mind from running away after desires, troubles, etc. and thus enables it to concentrate in pursuit of truth to the bitter end.

People are tempted to use poetic or imaginative language when writing because this captures readers. Nevertheless when one wish to convey accurate truth he has to be absolutely precise for such imaginativeness leads to untruthfulness.

The emotion does not lead one to the right goal. The answer which comes from the judgment of reason based on soul as self should be followed, not the emotion itself. Courage is a quality needed by the seeker of truth because he must go to the very end of things.

The higher is the weighing faculty based on the soul as self which sums them up. This faculty is the spiritualistic. The fundamental principle of a complex is that it is unconscious. Hence if a man has a realist complex he may study non dual for many years and never grasp that waking is mere mirage.

If merely hearing or reading the truth were enough the whole universe would be Gnanis by now. It is not possible because they lack mental capacity due to inherited conditioning of weighing the truth on the base of the waking entity, which is limited to illusory waking experience alone.

The seeker must not make up his mind beforehand, or there will be no wisdom for him, because that idea which is constantly working in him without his knowledge.