Saturday, August 21, 2010

Santana Dharma was pure Vedic religion prior to the existence of the present day Hinduism

This Self is dearer than a son, dearer than wealth, dearer than everything else, because It is innermost. If one holding the Self dear were to say to a person who speaks of anything other than the Self as dear, that he, the latter, will lose what he holds dear—and the former is certainly competent to do so—it will indeed come true. One should meditate upon the Self alone as dear. He who meditates upon the Self alone as dear—what he holds dear will not perish.---Bhad Upanishad -8-p- -211.

Westerners come to India to learn Vedas and Upanishads from the pundits.  They accept them as gurus and sentimentally get involved with them.  By studying Vedas they will become only pundits but  they will not be able to go deeper in their pursuit of truth and get non-dual wisdom.

Sri, Sankara says:- one must first know what is before him. If he cannot know that, what else can he know or understand? If he gives up the external world in his inquiry, he cannot get the whole truth.

In Brahma Sutras Sri,Sankara says:- Brahman is the cause of the world, whereas in Mandukya he denies it.

This may be because that at the lower stage of understanding, the former teaching must be given, for people will get frightened as they cannot understand how the world can be without a cause, but to those in a higher stage, the truth of non-causality can be revealed.

In dualistic philosophies the imaginary god is made as creator basing on cause and effect theory. Then the doubt naturally  arises, who is the cause of the creator. The creator is dependent on creation for his existence.  Without the creation the creator ceases to exist. Thus the dualistic theory holds no water, because it is based on mere imagination and speculation, which they try to prove it on citing the mythological stories and doctrine of code of conducts. When the self is not the body then all these dualistic ideologies hold no water.   Therefore the devotional paths, which are based on the human conducts, are not the means for TRUTHREALIZATION.

Even the religious based non-dualism is not the means for truth realization, because   their preaching is based on the non-duality but their practice is based on dualistic view point.  Therefore, it is difficult to get   TRUTH –REALIZATION from conduct based orthodox non-dualism. Thus it looks like the real essence of non-dualism is lost or destroyed in the past by the orthodox oriented priest craft and propagated and injected only priest-crafted non-dualism, to the mass, the reason best known to the masters of the past.  Therefore, it is impossible to come out of all these priest crafted confusions in one life time. Through orthodox non-dualism it is impossible to get truth realization.     

 There is no need to collect all these baggage of confusions, if one is seeking truth, nothing but truth. The guru is necessary only in religious and yogic paths, but guru is not necessary in pursuit of truth.  Path of truth is a personal path and it is the path of verification. But in religion and yoga the verification is not allowed. Blind faith is main ingredient in belief system and yoga.   Gurudom is playing with words because maybe the meaning is floating somewhere in between the spaces of words...

People who think themselves to be in a position to air their knowledge forget one basic fact, namely that they go by mere appearances. Someone expounds knowledge and the one who receives it begins to ape the person from whom he has received the knowledge.  They never question the validity of that knowledge.

Thus, whatever the guru wears, he will wear; whatever mannerisms the guru affects, he will imitate.  Thus, they only learn to pretend. And all so-called accumulated knowledge" is mere speculation based on the physical self/ego. This is how tradition became established and traditional forms of worship came into being and passed it on the one generation to the next.  All these have nothing to do with the Self- Knowledge.

Whatever One has heard, whatever he has been told, will have no value as far as the ultimate point of view. Whether one accepts the fact that, the only knowledge that he really has is the knowledge that he exists, that is consciousness. Other than that, whatever knowledge he thinks he has as a person, is part of the illusion, something acquired, based on the illusory consciousness.

The realization of truth is not intellectual understanding. Self- Realization is about realizing the fact that, the self is not physical, but it is the formless soul or consciousness.  Intellectual, logical, analytical perspective is based on the false self, will not help the seeker to reach his non-dual destination. The truth is beyond intellectual understanding and only the serious seekers who are free from preconceived accumulated ideas can get there.

The seeker of truth moves ahead by verifying the facts and by removing all the obstacles and reaches his non-dual destination.

 There is a need to bifurcate spirituality from the religion. Since most people from the west think that Hinduism is a religion but it is not so. The Indus [Sindu] valley culture is   named as Hinduism by the Muslim invaders in the past, who were not able to pronounce Sindu they called Sindu culture as Hindu culture. Thus name Hindu came into existence.  Hinduism is mere culture not religion. This Hindu culture consists of different caste, creeds, ideologies, beliefs and way of life in different regions of India.

Santana Dharma was pure Vedic religion prior to the existence of the present day Hinduism.  Hinduism is not pure Vedic religion; it is hotchpotch mixture of many ideologies adopted by other ideologies, cultures and traditions.  

As one goes deeper in annals of the history  he becomes aware of the fact that, the so called present Hinduism has adopted many things from Buddhism, religion of Abraham, Jainism and Islam.    If one goes deeper enough he will become aware everything is mixed up and messed up in time.

 No one is taken pains to rectify it because; because people have been inherited them, from their ancestors and they think it is blasphemy even to hear anything against their inherited religion and belief. Once one gets involved with the religious class it is the end of the pursuit of truth.

 J.K and Osho went deep in to it and exposed their fallacies to some extent, but it is only in surface level. Maharishi, Dayananda in his book Satyarth Prakash clearly mentions what is Vedic and what is non-Vedic. But the orthodox class still wants to maintain the inherited falls legacy as supreme truth.  Thus, there is no use of arguing or convincing the people who accepted their false legacy and propagate them as truth. Since, the pursuit of truth is a very personal journey; and it is not the pursuit of argument, there is no need for to indulge in convincing others, seeker of truth has to get convinced for him-self to drop all conditioning, which he has inherited from his belief system.    

Prior to Sri, Sankara in 8th century there was no Advaith in Santan Dharam. The duality came only in 12 th century. The Advaith and Dwaith were add- ons. Both Advaith and Dwith schools based on Vedas and they condemn each other with Upanishads and Puranic citations and prove one is right and another is wrong.

Only pretenders show such external works or claims. People who do not understand the scriptures generally misinterpret all scriptures references to the ‘indifference’ of the sage as meaning sitting idle, remote from worldly concerns. "Though the scriptures speak of a direct knowledge of ultimate truth by a study of the holy texts it does not become established..." It is therefore not enough to say one understand the theories of Advaita; he  may grasp idealism and Mandukya but it is not enough.

The citations from scriptures are not proofs.  The ultimate truth has to be proved without the scriptures.  The ultimate truth is universal truth and it does not belong to any religion.  The religion causes diversity in unity, whereas, the ultimate truth brings unity in diversity. 

It is impossible to bring unity in diversity through religion. The religion is the cause of the wars and violence in the world. If ultimate truth injected propagated to the mankind the fallacy of the religion is exposed and people will know “what truth” is and “what is untruth” and find the universal peace, which is the very nature of their true identity.       

After Osho’s death now they are realizing what he said about many things was right, but they do not want accept it in the name of protecting their Religion and its culture. We have to thank Sri, Sankara for hiding the truth within the religious based Advith, which has to be discovered by the seekers of truth on their own by bifurcating religion/ god /gurus/ scriptures/yoga.

 There is no need to condemn the any religion but one has to know the fact that, it is meant for the mass mind set and it is not the means to Self-Realization/Truth Realization.  There is no need to study religious doctrine in order to acquire Self-Knowledge.

The religion and yoga are meant for preparatory stages, but they are not the means for Self-Realization.

The mind cannot be stilled other than acquiring the non-dual wisdom. People try all the mental and physical acrobatics to still the mind. Until they are based on the body the thoughts will go on appearing. Until thoughts are there the stillness is impossible. The thoughts will stop only when there is perfect understanding through non dual wisdom. The thoughts cannot arise without the form, feeling, perception, mental formation and consciousness. If one of these is missing then  the thought will not form.

 To make the mind still one has to have the perfect understanding of the whole experience without mixing up with accumulated ideas from the religion, scriptures and yogic ideas and theoretical knowledge based on the logic.  The mind becomes still only when one accepts the fact that consciousness is the true self, and rejects ‘I’ as self mentally.  There is no use of seeking truth on the base of ‘I’ which is not the self.  This base can be rectified through deeper Self-search through perfect understanding and assimilating. Though it may look difficult at first gradually the serious seeker will get a hang of it, and will start feeling the non-dual tranquility.

   This is possible only through constant mental effort through reflection on the formless witness of the three states.

  The word illusion is used as suggestion to the subconscious to bifurcate the real from the unreal. Since truth pursuit is completely a mental journey, suggesting the right suggestions to subconscious is the only way. The word illusion scares many, but there is no need to get scared, nothing is lost, only the ignorance will disappear and one will be able to view and judge the birth, life and death on the base of consciousness, thus the burden of the duality will be shifted from form to formless thus one gets freedom from experiencing the duality which he is experiencing as reality right here and now, consciously living within the duality, until it disappears on its own and become one with the eternal identity.