Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sense knowledge is limited to the waking and dream

Sense knowledge is limited to the waking and dream. The true knowledge is that which powers the whole waking/dream.

The physical based knowledge cannot be the yardstick, since waking and dream are mere experience in which man and world exit. Thus nothing has to be accepted only after thorough investigations if the real truth about anything is desired. By "real" one means the truth in all its fullness, the truth of all the three states.

The ordinary man accepts his sense of knowledge without inquiry; without verification, therefore he has no right to regard his knowledge as true, because the sense derived from the senses is limited to duality, which is mere an experience. The experiencer [witness] is the consciousness.

One begins analysing the three states, which comes and goes in succession. One becomes fully aware the formless substance and witness which is the consciousness is unchanging and real.

Nothing lasts in the experience of duality. Thus the contents on the experience of duality [waking/dream] are unreal in nature because they do not last. The real is the formless witness [soul] of the three states which can never pass away. Truth is that which will remain until the end of time. It cannot change.

People who speak of the mind going out of the body and coming back; all this is dualistic theories based on the false self, without studying the nature of mind. Common sense says the mind is vast big it has no beginning or end. And mind is present only in waking/dream. Thus one can conclude the mind appears as waking or dream [form] and disappears as deep sleep [formless]. Thus man and his experience of the world together is mind.

Mind [‘I’] depends on consciousness for its existence. The mind [‘I’] comes and goes the consciousness remains eternally. The consciousness in illusion is called mind. The mind without illusion is called pure consciousness.

Until one limits the mind only to the physical entity and thinks ‘I’ is self, he will never be able to cross the field of duality.

The individual experiences within the experience of duality [waking/dream] are nothing to do with the pursuit of truth. Therefore viewing and judging on the base of birth, life and death is erroneous, because the birth entity is not the self. The true self is that, which witnesses the three states. It has to be grasped mentally, since it is not an entity or identity, but it is the formless substance of the three states.

The ignorance is deep rooted because all the three states are viewed and judged on the base of waking entity, which is present only in waking experience[illusion]. Thus the seeker has to trace the formless witness of the three states which comes and goes, in order to unfold the mystery of the mind [‘I’].

Seeker has to realize the fact that the three states are unreal and the formless substance witness of the three states, which is the soul, is the true self. And seeker has to constantly reflect on it for several days until he gets a firm conviction, before he proceeds further to higher understanding. This is the foundation which must be solid before the proceeding deeper in to pursuit of truth.

The analysis of ‘negating, through analysis of the dual [waking/dream] and non-dual [deep sleep] experiences of consciousness/soul.