Saturday, August 21, 2010

Verification is essential to in pursuit of truth, but not required by religion. Science seeks simpler explanations but in pursuit of truth everything is simplifies most when it reduces everything to Mind, and mind to Ataman.

A truth is verifiable in science if it can be tested and in logic if it can be proved. The weakness of science is that it has no idea, no definition of truth.

The facts upon which science must be based are the individual things and events which are found to occur. Science coordinates them by generalizing their significance into a hypothesis. The latter is then tested and verified. In pursuit of truth examines the hypothesis from the point of view of its ultimate truth. No human being can possibly study all available facts and sciences. Hence one has to take their generalizations, i.e. hypothesis based on facts.

Truth seekers need not learn modern science in order to acquire Self-Knowledge. Science helps us to ascertain truth of the things within the illusion. The science cannot go beyond the limits of physicality because beyond physicality has to be grasped mentally. Science is needed us to teach us precision, exactness and reliance on fact. The mind has to pass through various stages of growth as it progresses through disillusionment, enquiry, quest of truth, etc. to reason.

It is to find out the contradictions inherent in all discussion! To show that duality cannot yield truth. To prove that words and thoughts can yield only duality, never the true self. Non dual truth is not with personal interpretations or with views, but with facts.

Unless a fact is ascertained and verified, it has no place in pursuit of truth. The religion is based on speculation and imagination, and mere logic regardless of fact, but in pursuit of truth it must be based on facts.

If science pursues its researches and does not stop, if it seeks constantly also to ascertain truth, it will be led into mental journey through inquiry, analysis and reasoning on the true base because there is nowhere else for it to go. Modern Science does not travel to ultimate and universal questions. It provides the ascertained facts, however, for dealing with those questions.

The distance from Mumbai to Boston in one’s dream journey is only mental, within the mind. Similarly in the waking experience the same distance is also mental. The sense of form, time space is reality within the waking/dream.

Reason works upwards from lower to higher certainties in the practical world, mathematics being the highest of these stages but still does not reach the realm of non-duality. Reason based on the soul as self becomes conciousness  when it is by itself, chained to no other thoughts: when it to so chained, then it is reason.