Friday, August 20, 2010

Yoga and religion are not the means to acquire Self-Knowledge

Ultimate truth has no connection with end-gaining, belief, path or process. It cannot be taught but is continuously shared. Because it is everyone’s inheritance, no-one can lay claim to it. It needs not to be argued, proven or embellished, for it stands alone simply as it is, and can only remain unrecognised and rejected, or realised and lived.”

The ego is not the self. When one limits the ‘I’ to physical entity, it is called ego.   The ego, body and world appear together and disappear together.   Therefore, limiting the ‘I’ to the physical entity is creates the ignorance of the truth/reality. To understand “What is truth” and “What is untruth” one has to know the fact that; whether the mind/’I’ is within the body, or body and world are within the ‘I’/mind to get Self-realization.

The higher standpoint is to realize the fact that, mind and soul are one in essence. The mind rises from consciousness and dissolves as consciousness. When investigated ... one becomes aware of the fact that, there is no second thing exist other than consciousness because everything is consciousness.