Friday, September 10, 2010

People who no noting about the ultimate truth, impose their inherited out-dated belief system on their children is real cruelty in this modern world.

Until and unless the seeker of truth becomes iconoclast and hold held nothing sacred, and question the veracity of religious dogma and clear cobwebs of all doubts and confusions, it is very difficult to understand, assimilate and realize the non-dual truth. Therefore it is necessary propound a new idea on existence in order to drop all accumulated knowledge based on the false self, and understand , assimilate and realize the ultimate truth in a new way in lesser time and effort.     

Only children groomed under  broad-minded parents, who rejected all customs and encouraged their children to question preachers of belief system  and think for themselves to know the ultimate truth of their existence, will find it easier to understand and assimilate non-dual truth.

It is in their childhood that parents start brainwashing their children and make them incapable of breaking free from the mental chains in which they are bound from infancy.

People who no noting about the ultimate  truth, impose their inherited out-dated belief system on their children is real cruelty in this modern world.  As far as belief system is concerned, everybody is lying. They all talk of God, heaven and hell, angels and all kinds of false-hood, without knowing anything at all.  "No one should lie -- to a child, at least -- it is unforgivable. Children have been exploited for centuries just because they are willing to trust.

 People lie to children very easily and they will trust them. If one is a father, a mother, they will think he/she is bound to be true. That's how the whole of humanity lives in corruption, in a very slippery mud of lies told to children for centuries. 

By doing, a simple thing -- not lie to children and to confess to them our ignorance -- then we will be truthful and we will put them on the path of truth. Children are innocent. One should not impose the religious truth and free from all religious code of conduct, which frees them from becoming religious fanatics, who indulge in violence, war and terrorism in the name of protecting their religion and god.  
One has to have courage of Buddha who rejected religion, concept of god and scriptures as false.  Follow Buddha not Buddhism to know the ultimate truth. Follow Sri,Sankara not Hinduism to know Brahman. Follow Christ, not Christianity to know thy truth, and that truth sets one free.