Wednesday, October 27, 2010

“Me’ itself is myth.

“Me’ itself is myth. Thus whatever is connected to the “me” is bound to be myth.  The substance and witness of the “me” is formless and nondual.  The “me” is not limited to the body but it pervades the whole universe.   The universe is in the form of mind appears as waking or dream [duality] and disappears as deep sleep [nonduality]. Limiting the “me” to the physical entity is cause of the ignorance.  Thus, there is a need to understand the fact that “me” is   not the self, but the formless substance and witness of the “me “[universe or mind] is the true self, which is consciousness.

If “me” is there the universe or mind is there. Absent of “me” is absent of mind or universe.   The true self, which is consciousness, can remain with or without the “me” [mind or universe]. But the “me”, which is mere mirage, ceases to exist without the consciousness.   Thus holding the “me”, which is mere mirage is erroneous.