Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Doubts come to man when he meets with suffering and disappointment.

Appearances and quotations have nothing to do with pursuit of truth.  Doubts come to man when he meets with suffering and disappointment. The latter are absolutely necessary to make one inquire. Thus when one gets suffering he begins to doubts, why all his good deeds , religious rituals, worships and prayers have not worked in his favour and help him to overcome his suffering, thus he starts doubting the validity of his inherited beliefs and starts inquiring. Pursuit of truth is for getting rid of all doubts and confusions.   Truth pursuit begins with doubt that, doubting about one’s own self and his inherited beliefs.

Truth cannot be attained by intuition but by reasoning on the true base [soul base], which is superior to it. Not even a combination of intellect and intuition will find truth, because the intuition and intellect are based on the ‘I’ which is the false self.   

Proof is the first thing in pursuit of truth, “one has to prove the physical body is self, in order to prove the religion, god and the world as reality. God”, world, relgion cannot exist, without the man’s existence. Thus god, religion and the world are dependent on man’s existence. Man is dependent on the waking experience for his existence. And waking experience is dependent on the formless witness for its existence. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the truth about man’s existence. 

Yoga up to the limit and extent of getting a strong and concentrative mind, and to be able to think of particular subjects, it is good; beyond that if they begin to weaken their mind and accept what they imagine as real, they begin to hallucinate.  Therefore, physical based yoga is not the means to acquire non dual wisdom.

 No one knows from where the objective world comes from. No creator who put them in people’s minds is indicated or provable. One can only infer that they must have come from the soul/ Atman, itself. No other explanation is rational. But this explanation is only a preliminary stop and is dropped ultimately with the dropping of the Formless witness, “Seen” relation when non-causality is studied and the question itself falls to the ground.

 It is not enough for seekers of truth to know that the world is mere illusion. They ought to also know that the ego also is part of the illusion; their own body is also is part of the illusion.  The waking contains the world, ego and body which they have not been able to grasp. Thus the ‘I’ which is the whole waking is mere illusion.  Thus whatever prevails without the illusion is the non dual reality, which is non dual Ataman/sprit.  
Seeker should not make the mistake of thinking that, only the three states are unreal, but they are real.  They are also part and parcel of the illusion, because the three states are an object to the formless witness.  The ‘I’ is always an object.  Holding the ‘I’ as subject and trying to assimilate truth is the greatest hurdle in pursuit of truth.

Intellectuals fall into error of ascribing world to God's mind. They did not see that God also is part and parcel of the illusion.  Thus, whatever prevails without the illusion is Ataman/soul, which is ultimate truth. The truth itself is god. Thus non dual masters declared Ataman is Brahman.

Nobody has ever seen God imagining the world, thus bringing it into existence in people’s mind. Then who must be the imaginer of the three states.  It must the formless self because all these states appear from the formless self/soul and disappear in to it.

The ego- physical body and the world- arise together as waking/dream. However one cannot see the objects as apart from each other unless the ego is present within the waking/dream.

The ego –physical body –world which are present in the waking/dream are created out of one single formless  substance, and on the stand point that single formless  substance all the divisions are mere illusion .