Tuesday, November 16, 2010

There is only one mind. Each ego, each ‘I’ is itself an idea in soul /Ataman

Ultimately there is no death when one can look so on all the three states as being Ataman in their substance. It is thus that the seeker of truth conquers death, thus he sees the three states in Ataman, hence true self as Ataman/soul.

 The purpose of illness and suffering is the same as the purpose of death. They teach men that everything is in flux, vanishing and transient: in the past, one was strong and healthy; today he is weak, ill, and suffering. What became of his health? It is the same problem of as what became of the faded colour of a rose. The lesson of all three states is transiency, of all illness, is that the body is only an idea. 

What we find to be unreal and changing is still an idea and therefore Mind in the end. Thus converting the world into unreality is a necessary half-stage to converting it to Reality. However, it is only a stage and we should not stop there.

*      How do you know that self is not the body?

 1. It is seen by the soul/self as an object.

2. It has all the characteristics of seen, i.e. it is changing gradually and self is seeing the changes.

All talk of illusion is only a tentative position. It is for those who cannot think of Mind by itself, who cannot detach Formless Witness from the seen. In truth, however, illusion is mere an idea, and ideas are only Mind. 

Instrument of knowledge means the sense organs, both external and internal which are only for the knowledge of the three states. Reason is an instrument on the other hand for applying negating the three states [unreal] from the formless witness [real] and getting the knowledge of Atman.

Constant change is everywhere in the three states. Waking/dream spring up and disappear. People who believe that by some effort in Yogic Samadhi one got freedom, trying to introduce a new thing which having a beginning must have an end.

Production and destruction go together. Therefore Yogic freedom   is not true liberation. Not by doing anything can lasting permanent liberation be realized. Similarly the endlessness of the soul in religion is illusory: only the formless witness of the three states is endless in the sense that we cannot truthfully speak of its appearing and disappearing. 

So long as one thinks at all, he has to think causally, temporally and spatially. It is the way in which intellect works. And it is so constituted as to produce the appearance of materiality. The waking/dream is like the deception of the movie show, passing before us with height, breadth, and motion etc. And the deep sleep is like intermission.  Hence one gets bound by
Ever-changing flux of pictures is a movie-show [three states] which must have a screen. Motion is illusory in the sense that it also is only part of mirage.  Seeker should not think that the forms within the mirage running from one place to another. 

Temporarily suppressing the ego, this is another aid which is derived from Yogic practice. With Such suppression it is impossible to acquire non dual wisdom. What the yogi does not understand is that while he talks of experiencing bliss in trance, he reveals the presence of an ego which is the experiencer.  Whatever based on the ego keeps one in the realm of duality.

To transcend bliss and to transcend trance, one must out of ego. Egocentricity is the common psychological state. There is only one mind. Each ego, each ‘I’ is itself an idea in soul /Ataman. This explains how personal separateness is an illusion.