Sunday, November 28, 2010

The three states only mere illusion created, sustained out of the spirit/self. It is erroneous to view and judge the truth on the base of the physical self, because the physical self and the world are part of the illusion.  In reality everything in illusion is spirit/soul. 

Soul/Self is the ultimate truth. The Waking or dream is mere mirage on the stand point of Soul/Self.  Therefore, Soul/Self is the witness of the mirage. Therefore,   it is erroneous to view and judge and conclude the truth   on the standpoint of the physical body, creator, god, or world because no second thing exist other then the soul/spirit. 

By viewing and judging the truth on the standpoint of the physical self, creator, god, or world is the greatest hindrance in assimilating the non-dual truth because they are mere ideas within the illusion. The religion, god and world and physical self are nothing to do with the ultimate truth. Thus, seeking the truth on their base, one will not be able to cross the threshold of experience of duality.

How the non-dual wisdom can be acquired the liberation from the duality can be attained is the main question of the seeker of truth. It is possible only through deeper inquiry, analyzing, and reasoning. The religious and yogic claims are no wisdom because they lead towards imaginary and hallucinated realization based on the physical self. Therefore, none except the Formless Path can transport the Seeking Mind beyond duality.

  In real wisdom is based on non-duality therefore it has to be based on the soul, which is the true self. The wisdom is impossible without Inquiry, analyzing and Reasoning by discriminating between the dual and non-dual experiences which appear and disappear in succession as three states. The three states Analysis will lead the Seeking Mind towards its true existence.

Man is unable to grasp the truth because of the inherited conditioning bases him on the physical self. Thus, he judges everything on the base of physical self, which is limited to waking experience. 

Only when he inquires, analyzes and reasons to the nature of the mind then   he will be able to discover the fact that the self is not physical but it is the spirit. When he learns to view and judge the truth on the base of the soul, then he will be able to   overcome the barricades created out of his physical conditioning. 

The religious based physical renunciation is of no use. The seeker has to renounce the ignorance.   The seeker has to discover the formless substance and witness of the three states.  This is possible only by mentally reflecting on the witness of the three states.