Thursday, December 9, 2010

The forgetfulness of the innermost self, which is formless soul or consciousness -- results experiencing the diversity as reality.

In a moment, all pleasures of the physical world within the illusion give sense of reality   because of which the consciousness was forgotten.

The freedom from experiencing the duality as reality comes from identifying the self with consciousness. Instead, due to our ignorance of the consciousness, which is the innermost  Self, one seeks everlasting happiness in never lasting sense objects.

 If one wants freedom from illusory reality then one has to realize the fact that, the consciousness is the true self. Without identifying the consciousness, which is the formless substance and witness of the mind, it is very difficult to acquire non-dual wisdom. 

The belief that material wealth is the source of real security in one's life is reality within the falsehood.  In reality, this entire physical world is false and temporary. It is not possible for an impermanent thing can provide another impermanent thing with a permanent security.

Due to physical consciousness, one feels secure if he has money. On the contrary, he feels insecure if he does not have money. False ones love falsehood within the falsehood. People struggle to acquire material wealth in order to get security in material life, but they fail to realize the fact that they and their experience of universe is mere mirage.  When physical consciousness disappears then the mirage vanishes and consciousness alone prevails as non-dual existence.

People collect or struggle to collect wealth throughout their lives, but they are unaware of the fact that they and their experience of the universe exist within the falsehood.

 Deluded by doubts and confusion, they think day and night; and try to search the truth, which fits their physical outfit. 

The feeling of insecurity comes from the fear of the unknown. Amassing of any amount of money cannot remove this fear. To the contrary, the more wealth one has the more fear he has! With more wealth comes the fear of loosing it. Therefore, the sense of true security comes from not procuring money, but from the mental state of fearlessness, which is possible only by identifying the self with consciousness.

One can become fearless; by realizing the fact that the self is not form but self is formless the fearlessness is the nature of the formless soul or  consciousness .  A Gnani is one who has realized the consciousness as real self. However, without true humility, one cannot attain the true self-hood. And without Spiritual Wisdom, one cannot attain humility and Self-realization.

Therefore, attaining true security is not in amassing material wealth, but by becoming soul-centric.  Consciousness is ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is beyond any mundane wealth, political power, religious scholarships, material education and social success.

The forgetfulness of the innermost self, which is formless soul or  consciousness -- results experiencing the diversity as reality.

Man has accumulated countless false concepts and theories, he keeps adding new to the already existing ones.  The object of teachings and instructions of all world Masters and the scriptures is for the removal of these false worldly concepts but without realizing the fact that the self is not physical, all these teachings become inadequate and useless.  

The more one abandons this accumulated knowledge, the more he will become awake and aware; consequently, the more he will find truth which is hidden   within. One has to   completely shedding all accumulated dross.  As the consciousness abides within the mind; the self-knowledge helps the mind into its non-dual source.