Monday, December 6, 2010

The formless soul,which is the true self has no religion

Isa Upanishads indicates that:- By worshiping gods and goddesses and going to the world of gods after death is of no use. The time one spends in ritualistic practices is wasted; one can spend same time moving forward towards Self-knowledge, which is the main goal.

If self-knowledge is main goal then why indulge in religious prescription of god glorification,study of scriptures. It means the truth lies beyond religion,god glorification and scriptures.

One cannot reach the non-dual destination by glorifying god and goddesses and by doing that, one goes deeper and deeper into ignorance because the religion is based on the physical self/ego. It surely indicates the fact that, the seeker of truth has to drop the worshiping god and goddess in order to get self-knowledge.

Deeper Inquiry, analysis and reason revels the fact that, the ‘Self is not the body but the formless soul/spirit.

The  formless soul,which is the true self  has no religion. The religion is based on the body as self. Thus, religion is based on false physical self/ego. Thus whatever is known, seen, believed and experienced and accumulated on the false base is false hood. The formless substance and witness of the falsehood is real and eternal. Thus man and his idea of god and his religious beliefs and his experience of world are reality on the standpoint of the physical self/ego, and they are mere mirage on the standpoint of the soul, which is ultimate truth.

If one is freed from religious truth, he has better chance unfold the mystery of his true existence and realize the true existence is not physical but the spirit. Religion is the source of all imaginable faiths and disturbances; it is parent of fanaticism of civil discord, and it is the enemy of the mankind because it does allow one to know the truth of the true existence.

One cannot examine illusive subject like god, soul, faith, love, anger and other non-material subjects under a microscope. But one can definitely evaluate their validity through deeper inquiry, analysis and reasoning on the base of the formless soul, which is the source from where the duality/mind rises and subsides. it is necessary for the seeker of truth to verify the fact that, the self is not physical but the formless spirit before proceeding in pursuit of truth.

Truth realization is a very deep topic. One might ask what truth -realization is? Truth realization is realization of the knowledge of the true self to get unity in diversity. Identifying the fact that the Soul/self is the unified Whole.

Self- knowledge is not theoretical knowledge based on the physical self [ego] but the knowledge of the ultimate truth on which the physical existence [illusion] is dependent. Self-knowledge is the True Knowledge.