Thursday, December 9, 2010

The knower and the known are one in essence

The methods are based on the false self. The Methodists cannot reach the ultimate.   When one becomes aware of the fact that ‘I’ is illusion then there is nothing left other then consciousness, which is  knower of all the known .  When knower is formless the known ceases to exist as real.   

Thus the knower and the known are one in essence.  Therefore, there is no second thing other then consciousness, which is formless.   Thus consciousness is the ultimate truth.
Even the scriptures declare:-

v   Tat tvam asi: -Thou art That (Sam Veda). “Self is  that”
v  Prajnanam Brahma: - Consciousness is ultimate reality (Rig Veda).
v  Ayam Aatma Brahma: -The Self is ultimate truth (Atharva Veda).
v  Aham Brahma Asmi: -Self is ultimate reality (Yajur veda).