Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No second thing exists other then consciousness in the experience of diversity/duality

Limiting the mind (I) to the physical entity(ego or waking entity) is the cause of all confusion. Therefore, there is need to know what is mind ,and what is the substance of the mind, to overcome all the confusion. Deeper inquiry and reasoning on the true base revels the fact that, the man and the world exists within the mind, and mind itself is the world. By limiting the mind to the physical entity (ego or waking entity) and viewing and judging the world-view, makes one think that he is apart from the world, which is the cause of experiencing the duality as reality. There is neither projector nor projection when one becomes aware of the true self is consciousness, because, consciousness pervades dual and non dual experiences as their formless clay. Thus no second thing exists other then consciousness in the experience of diversity/duality. The mind (universe) is non existent on the standpoint of consciousness which is the true self. The mind/world is myth on the standpoint of consciousness as self.