Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nondual wisdom is for those who have begun to realize that things are not what they seem.

The truth tastes bitter at the beginning, but sweet at the end."


The scriptures are for ignorant masses, who wholly accept the material world as it presents itself. Non-dual wisdom is for those who have begun to realize that things are not what they seem.

Even the Upanishads are self-contradictory. Pundits and scholars give conflicting interpretations of them. When one uses his own Common-sense he becomes aware that, the final authority therefore is using his own reason.  one should apply his reason to  the scriptures before accepting them as truth.

That which is unreal, that is duality, cannot contradict truth, non-duality.  It cannot be counted as an adversary of non-duality.  The illusion cannot, 'oppose' the substratum, reality.  It can at best lead to the mistaking of the substratum.  Perfect understanding is the only way to overcome the ignorance.

Non-duality is the ultimate undeniable Truth.  Realization presupposes a state where there is ignorance about that Truth.  That such is not the reality is evidenced by the possibility of transcending the ignorance.  When this is achieved it would be clear, that all the three states are mere mirage created out of consciousness. The one which is aware of these three states, which comes and goes is neither waking entity nor dream entity.  It is the consciousness, which is within the three states and also it is without the three states.

 The waking or dream is state of ignorance. When one becomes fully convinced of the fact that, the consciousness is the true self, the ignorance vanishes and reality revels itself.  So, it is only in this realm of the ignorance the universe exists as reality.  When this realm of ignorance itself is known to be false, the body, ego, thoughts, feeling, perception are also false.  The Only Truth is non-duality, which is the true nature of the consciousness, which is ultimate truth.

Spiritual maturity is required for non-dual wisdom to arise. Seeker will be able to understand, assimilate as he moves on deeper inquiry, analysis and reasoning.  Through perfect understanding, and assimilation the non-dual wisdom arises.

The yardstick is getting rid of ignorance by knowing and realizing the consciousness as self.  The truth is known only as a proof to the person concerned.  For others it is only doubt.  Ignorance, Knowledge, is known directly for the person concerned.  If ignorance has vanished, then there is non-dual wisdom.

When the seeking mind realizes the ultimate reality, it has abided into the consciousness, which is its true nature. By realizing the three states are mere mirage created out of consciousness; one is free from the illusory, birth, life, death and the world. In the realm of ultimate reality   has no seed of ignorance thus there is no duality.  For when a unreal superimposed on a real  has merged in the real on the discrimination of the real  and the unreal , it does not appear again to those discriminating people, just as before, from the impressions of past persisting in the intellect.

Wisdom destroys ignorance from its very root.   However, there will be the 'impressions' of the past perception of duality even after realization after truth. This is required for the physical apparatus to continue in the   world within the illusion. 

Impressions require a locus and thus the physical apparatus is continuing.  The body is required to support the world and the body cannot exist without the world, because the body and the world appeared together and disappear together as illusion.

When the reason based on consciousness is developed and one is able to view and judge the worldview on the base of consciousness as self, then he has the yardstick to discriminate between the real and unreal. The reason based on consciousness as self once   gained will not go away despite the physical conditioning persisting. 

 Deliberate suppression indicates identity with the physical entity.  If one suppresses his conditioned attributes than that suppressed conditioned attributes   would definitely come out in one way or the other.
Even though the truth is realized had, even though the ignorance has been dispelled, the three states will continue to appear to him and he will be interacting/reacting thru the ego, which will be driven / supported by the physical conditioning.

Non-duality is not a theory; it is the Absolute Truth.  One has to view the worldview on the standpoint point of consciousness as self, then there no conflict.

Deeper inquiry, analysis and reasoning are the one that leads to the non-dual truth.  Consciousness exists always and without   undergoing any change. The three states are none other than the consciousness, because their formless substance and witness is consciousness. One has to understand the difference between the states of ignorance and state of reality.      There is the distinction between states of ignorance and state of reality.  The formless witness, which is consciousness, as differentiated from the state of ignorance.   

For the realization of the true of the Self does not tolerate any distinction. The consciousness  is second to none. It is the formless substance and witness of ignorance, which appears as mind, when the ignorance vanishes through wisdom it alone, as non-dual existence.  There is no scriptural Authority nor scriptural teaching, no pupil, nor training. There is neither YOU nor I nor the Others nor this universe.

The scriptures and teachings belong to the realm of ignorance. They do not have a distinct existence in the ultimate truth.  All scriptures, including those directed at teaching the means for liberation belong to the realm of ignorance.

Any formulation being illusory because it is object of cognition external to consciousness  - have been generated by the very mirage ,  which gives rise to the illusion of universe  of wonderful variety in all animated and unanimated  objects.

 The mind is   an illusion. The word 'non-duality ' itself is only relative.  The word is used only to distinguish this from concepts like 'duality '.  A realized one will not see any object [three states] as absolutely real.  He might use one or the other or a combination of several to help others who might seek his help.  All thoughts and words lose their identity in the ultimate truth that is no thoughts or words by itself.

Non-duality is the ultimate truth and it is not a theory.  Ultimate truth is ever the Truth, Reality, never to be negated, never negatable.

The formless ‘witness’, is consciousness never, fades, since it is indestructible. The consciousness is, one without a second.  Consciousness, which is Infinite, is ultimate truth.  Consciousness is the formless substance and witness of the illusion, which is in the form of mind. Consciousness is the true self.  Consciousness never goes out of existence.

Non-duality is not a theory; it is the ultimate truth that transcends all theories.  It is only to guide the seekers towards the ultimate Truth, the words are used. Seekers goal should be to realize the ultimate truth.