Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yogic Samadhi is not a means to acquire nondual wisdom.


The formless Soul or Atman  is the  innermost  self. The soul or Atman is present in the form of consciousness.   The soul or innermost self is not bound by form,time and space.  If one thinks self is bound, and practices yogic Samadhi; this indeed is bondage. If one analyze and realizes the fact that,  self is neither the  waking entity no the self is dream entity but the self is formless soul,which witnesses the coming and going of the three states.  Both waking entity  and waking world are part of the duality (illusion/mind). Thus practicing Samadhi on base of waking entity or ego is the greatest obstacle in acquiring the Self-Knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana.

True Self is unattached from  three states and action less and self-effulgent. Seeker practicing Samadhi on the base of false self  or ego within the false experience (duality or waking or universe), is indeed his bondage (through ignorance) that he practices Samadhi (suppression of thoughts).

Due to ignorance the seeker expects to get Self awareness or Brahmic -Awareness  through yoga. Seeker has to practice Samadhi only for discipline, and he has to know that he must go beyond  form,time and space to acquire Self-Knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana.

Yogic Samadhi is not a means to acquire Self-Knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana.  Samadhi in itself is useless, because the mind is withdrawn and there is no memory of it until after it is over and one returns to waking experience, which itself is state of ignorance. This is true of yogi who attains mind control: it is only sleep.

In Pursuit of truth requires the mind to be active and receptive in order to examine the world and discriminate. Hence spiritual Sahaja Samadhi or natural state means knowing that experience of diversity is not different from the  consciousness, the innermost  self, as the dream ocean is not different from Mind, knowing which they automatically come under control. This is different from Yogic Nirvikalpa samadhi, which is only deep sleep.

The Yogis want meditation, sitting still in a yogic posture, etc. only because it gives them pleasure: the satisfaction is for their own selves only; hence it is something sought by the ego and cannot get ultimate truth/Brahman in consequence.

There is nothing to drive out. Even the yogi's ecstasies may be retained, provided he do not let himself be deceived about them and accept them like everything else, as part of consciousness.

The world must be seen before one can know its true nature in wisdom. The yogi, who shuts it out, thereby deprives himself of the opportunity to achieve non-dual wisdom.

The yogi lulls the senses into blissful slumber, renders truth impossible. He has to be awakened! both states are harmful and take one away from the path of inquiry into truth.

The yogi thinks that by getting to Nirvikalpa Samadhi he reaches the highest; the religious man thinks that by getting God he reaches the highest, But they are unaware of the fact that they are not the highest because their idea of Samadhi and god is based on the false self (ego or waking entity ) within the false experience(waking).

Before one can arrive at knowledge that the external world is really an idea, he must study, investigate, face and then know the external world, hence, insufficiency of yoga as source of truth.

Yogis think that keeping out thoughts will give experience of  Self-Awareness or Brahmic -Awareness. How can he keep out a portion of  soul or consciousness of his mind? It is utterly impossible. To say that such thoughtless experience is not possible, moreover even if it were possible, what is it that the yogis will keep out? They will only be keeping out formless soul or consciousness! The mind is none other than  formless soul or consciousness in its substance, as everything is  consciousness (Atman/Brahman). The yogi has got the idea of duality and therefore cannot realize truth.

Yogi's experience of bliss is not Self-Awareness or Brahmic-Awareness, for Bliss is something one has to experience, therefore it will have to go as it came; hence it is only duality/illusion. Yogis seek bliss through ignorance.

Religion, god glorification, and yoga are nothing to do in pursuit of truth or spirituality. When there is an urge for final truth, when doubts come to a man, it indicates that he has begun thinking. Neither Yogic Samadhi-bliss nor worldly pleasure should be allowed to draw the mind away from evenness; for neither can give the ultimate truth  OR  Brahman. When the mind is distracted by either, either internal or external bliss, it should by effort be drawn back to steadiness, evenness. This state alone yields Self- Knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana. This my personal research derived from deeper inquiry and reasoning.