Saturday, March 26, 2011

Most people are scared even to think life is mere illusion, it is because their attachment to the worldly life and family attachment and accumulated wealth.

All the objects that one sees within the universe are limited to form, space, time.  The universe is limited to   waking or dream.  Waking and dream is limited to the mind. Only the consciousness, which is cause of the mind or universe, is unlimited and uncaused.

 Consciousness is limitless. The universe is mere limited mirage created out of consciousness.  Thus universe and all its contents identified with form and name are mere mirage are bound by form time and space.  Thus form, time and space are myth because they are mere mirage.  Thus holding the form time and space as reality and holding then as yardstick to prove the existence is erroneous.  Thus the reasoning has to be based on the formless consciousness, which is permanent, not on the form, time and space, which are impermanent.  

Only the consciousness, which is the true self, can be called infinite.  The mind or universe, which appears as waking or dream, Cannot be called infinite. The ocean can be called limitless, but not the waves. Some waves are quite large, some are small, but all are limited in time and space. The waves appear limited as long as one looks at the waves and ocean as separate or "dual" entities. If he considers the wave as part and parcel of ocean or considers both as water only, then the wave is limitless like the ocean. Similarly, if one holds the form as self then he bound by time and space. If he considers the formless consciousness as self, the form, time and space is dissolved in the consciousness and becomes limitless.

From a non-dualistic viewpoint if ocean is limitless, so is the wave, because both the ocean and the wave are a single, non-dual entity. Thus from a dualistic view point, the wave "appears" incomplete, and limited, but is really infinite as the ocean itself. Thus, if there is only a single substance, then the question of one being infinite or complete and the other limited or finite does not arise at all. If one becomes aware of the fact that the self is not the mind or universe but self is formless substance and witness of the mind, then, the mind becomes one with the limitless and infinite consciousness.

Universe is in the form of  Mind. Nature of the mind is duality.   Duality is apparent, not real. The negation of duality means negation of the reality of duality, but not the negation of the experience of duality. The experience of duality that one sees in real life is apparent or relative, called unreal. Self-Realization means becoming aware of the unreal nature of the duality, which we experience it as waking experience.  

Most people are scared even to think life is mere illusion, it is because their attachment to the worldly life and family attachment and accumulated wealth. There is nothing to fear, their physical identity or the world will not disappear but their unreal nature will be exposed, same way one becomes aware of the unreal nature of the dream in the midst of duality, the unreal nature of the waking experience is realized in the midst of the waking experience.  Thus one gets freedom from experiencing the duality as reality after realizing the fact that the self is neither waking entity nor the dream entity but the self is that witness the waking and dream experience  as a whole without the physical apparatus.   
From a dualistic viewpoint, a small wave is afraid of being swallowed by the large wave and prays to the ocean for protection from large waves. This is what prayers and worship are. From a non-dualistic point of view, there is no such fear. The three states are mere mirage created out of consciousness, only. On the ultimate standpoint duality (mind or universe or  waking) as apparent, is not real.

The Unity appears diversified in waking or dream. Self-realization brings unity in diversity.  The self-realization is not the knowledge gained from the external world but the realizing the inner reality how this how the universe which appears as waking or dream (duality) and dissolves as deep sleep (non-duality).

Birth, life and death and the world are experienced as reality within the waking or dream.  Everyone is in ignorance in waking or dream. Until ignorance is there the duality will prevail as reality. The ignorance will prevail as long as one fully understands that duality is apparent and not real.

If one has the conviction he is an individual separate from the world and world existed prior to him and he is born in it later on, he will remain in ignorance experiencing the duality as reality. Thus it is necessary to realize the fact that, the three states are not different from consciousness. Everything is consciousness only. The limitless, infinite or non-dual consciousness also means that no entity other than consciousness exists in the three states. 

 Consciousness is both the man and the universe. In other words, consciousness is the formless substance and witness of the mind, which appears as waking or dream. There is no other cause or existence, except consciousness. The consciousness is cause of everything that exists and it itself is uncaused.

The mind or universe, which appears as waking or dream is not different from its material and instrumental cause, the imperishable consciousness. The objects of the waking experience   do not have to be eliminated, given up, or even completely negated as the dream-objects to see consciousness everywhere and in everything.

The ornament need not be melted to see the gold in it. Similarly, one need not leave the world to see or find ultimate truth. In a piece of cloth, the weaver is not hidden inside the cotton or the yarn, but in the universe ; the consciousness ,which is the true self  is not only the material and the efficient cause, but it  is present in everything and everywhere  in all the three states.

The universe is an illusory veil on the consciousness. There is no sin or sinner is reality within the mirage. The sinner is the one who is ignorant and who believes the duality as reality. While a Gnani is ripe and realized the fact that the duality is mere mirage created out of consciousness. 

Ultimate understanding of ultimate truth will bring a fresh outlook, a refreshing breeze of fresh air of understanding persons of any faiths, cultures, and countries. It will enrich our individual lives, if not change the world overnight but it helps people to know the truth of their true existence and discard the belief systems, which are propagating violence and terrorism in the name of religion and god and bring unity in diversity.  

 It can be concluded that an understanding of non-duality is realizing the ultimate truth.  And duality is the partial knowledge and understanding. All the religions of the world are based on duality. Duality is partial knowledge. Thus all the religions are based on holding the   duality as reality.   These  religions has created the conflicts and religious wars  and terrorism that can only be eliminated with the Self-knowledge  ,which  can bring peace, understanding, and harmony in the world and in our personal lives. One does not have to change his  religion to get Self-knowledge, but by being in his own religion and present outfit,  through  perfect understanding and assimilation, he can  becomes aware of “What is truth” to realize “What is untruth”.