Saturday, March 12, 2011

People use the word yoga for Gnana whereas the real Gnana is no yoga as such as there is no second thing.

Karma, Bhakti, Gnana, each is called yoga. People use the word yoga for Gnana whereas the real Gnana is no yoga as such as there is no second thing.  There is no union[yoga] from the ultimate standpoint because for union one requires the second thing.  Thus wisdom is not yoga. Because the yoga is practiced within the duality, which is mere mirage created out of consciousness. Thus the mirage has no value because the consciousness alone is real. Thus perfect understanding and assimilation leads one to acquire non-dual wisdom.

The ultimate truth is one without the second, the one is not in the sense half or two, but the one that remain forever One, without the second.  The consciousness is all pervading. There is no place where consciousness is not.

Consciousness is in everyone, consciousness is in everything .consciousness is one behind many. Consciousness alone is. It means the universe is the visible form of consciousness. Formless and colourless   consciousness’s creative and impulsive imagination to know itself as omnipresent, infinite and eternal. And consciousness in turn invisible form of the universe.   

 Since people all are not aware of the fact that, they are an experience within another experience [waking/dream]. The mind is an experience, which contains everyone and everything and the universe. Since one limits the mind to the physical entity, he forgets the fact that, his body and the universe is an experience, within waking or dream experience. It is impossible to unfold the mystery of his true existence without realizing the fact that, the self is not physical but the self is consciousness.   If the self is not physical then it is erroneous to judge and conclude the truth on the base of the physical self or ego. Thus the truth has to be judges on the base of the true self, which is consciousness. 

 Until and unless one rectifies the seeking base from form to formless the truth will not be revealed.

The mind is an experience not an experiencer. Whatever is with in the mind, that is, the person and his world, bound to be an experience. The formless knower of the mind which appears as waking or dream and disappears as deep sleep has to be traced. If there is no mind, then there is no waking or dream experience. Therefore it is evident that, the witness of the mind can remain with or without, the three states. For illustration, in deep sleep, there is no mind, thus there is no waking or dream. In waking it knows about the dream and deep sleep experience.  Thus one which knows the coming and going of the three states is always alert.

If “I am” is not body, then how can the body take the authorship of the invisible entity, which functions itself as the body and perceives the world, as a person within the waking/dream?

 Thus if one take authorship as body as self, it will be a false claim. The individual experiences within the world are within the waking/dream. The soul, which is in the form of consciousness, is the witness of the mind, which appears as waking or dream. Thus the mind is mere mirage created out of the consciousness.  On the standpoint of the consciousness, the three states are mere mirage. The substance and witness of the mirage is real and eternal.

Thus the onus is on person who dispute, has to prove that the burden of the three states is on the individual physical entity.

The question based on the physical entity is of no use. Therefore, one has to make sure of the fact that, whether 'I', is the physical body or 'I, is something other than the physical body.

Otherwise find what is it that functions as body and perceives the world, as a person, without that invisible entity the body cannot function and perceive the world.

If one traces the formless witness, then he will know the individual experience is not of his, but of the formless witness (soul). Therefore he himself can decide who has to take the authorship of individual experience within the waking  or dream. If one makes little mental effort through inquiry and reasoning, he will able to move towards the effortless state, which is natural state of the mind.

One has to question himself: what is it that functioning as body and perceives the world as person. If person is not the experience of person, then what is it that experiences itself as person? These seeds of doubts will help one to peel the illusion and, there will be no illusion left, only non-dual reality will prevail as ultimate truth, which is the soul or consciousness or Atman. Thus, it for the seeker to discover and realize, No one else can realize it for him.