Saturday, April 23, 2011

Individualized God belongs to individuality.

 Many people simply claim :  God is doing this or that, or God  has such and such power , they are  hallucinating with their inherited belief. They are simply assuming, because   they did not see God doing it?

God is only a settled fact for believers, but for others God’s existence is problematic. The truth of organized belief system can only be proved by physical strength or by imagination, or power of the weapon or power and force, never by reason.  Thus without knowing what is truth of the existence and causing the wars and violence in the world in the name of god and their belief system is the cause of concern of world today.  

Without proof it is foolish to believe Mysticism. Mystic claim that mysticism  is  the fulfillment of science but it is not  so.  mystic claim that, they  know mystery unknown to science is known to them. such claims has no value as proof. 

Yogic or religious truths are individual truth, not universal because they are based on the false self (ego or waking entity) and false experience(waking).  

 The mystics cannot claim that they have experienced the whole. The whole cannot be experience because man and his experience of the world are within the whole.    There is no proof they have seen the whole, because the whole is not individual experience. 

 If anyone claims, “he knows from experience” he merely assumes so.” Mystics experience is based on ego thus it is part of illusion. Self-Realization is not individual experience.  The yoga and mysticism are individualized truth. Since they consider the ‘I’ as self they cannot know the Soul,  the universal self or the whole. 

 Every belief system places God as the unknown reality”. Every believer has a different idea of God inherited from the belief system he belongs to. Everyone has a different idea of reality or truth. Hence there is need of definition before study. 

 The fallacy of people appeal to scripture lies in the varying and conflicting interpretations of the same scripture, which different men feel, entitled to give or hold. 

People who sees or experiences something in his meditation, which he takes as the highest is mere individual experience, within the false experience (waking) “whatever is based on individuality is not the ultimate truth or Brahman. Any type experience is falsehood because self cannot be experienced because it is prior to any type experience. 

Individualized God belongs to individuality. No one can prove the existence of such God.  Such God cannot exist without the believer.  Therefore individualized  god is dependent on man for his existence. Thus there is a need to verify man’s existence in order to unfold the mystery of one’s own existence to realize only the inner most self can be called god because it is universal truth.

Scriptures are the experience only of the few; hence it is only individualized truth. Reason and universal experience must take precedence over it and over hearsay in the quest of ultimate truth regarding the three states. No scripture can help in pursuit of truth. One’s mind will be prejudiced by this man's or that man's view. 

There are unfortunately so many different kinds of Yoga. But no yogi uses  the reason based on the soul, the innermost self.  Yoga means killing reason, thus it is no use in to acquire self-knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana. Yoga is good as a preparation only.

 Many People want to take as less trouble as possible and gain as much as possible. They disdain the hard labour of thinking needed in pursuit of truth and hope to get truth by doing nothing i.e. merely believing or refraining from thought in yoga. 

Conversation can occur only in the sphere of religion, never in pursuit of truth. When one knows non dualistic  truth, he becomes free from sphere of imagination.

If one’s reason is not sharp enough, then only religion and yoga can satisfy him. The seeker of truth examines both scientific and religious doctrines and discoveries and to evaluate them.  

"All men are mortal" because they exist within the illusion (waking or dream). One sees all men and the world  within the waking or dream.  If there is no waking or dream then there are no men and the world . Man  and world exists within the waking and imagines on the base of waking entity or ego which is limited only to waking experience whereas the the soul or consciousness  pervades in everything and everywhere in all the three states. 

 As logic is built upon more imagination based on the false self (ego), therefore it is no path to the non-dualistic wisdom. It is like religion and mysticism. One postulate certain things and show they agree with others that he has already taken for granted. This is called the "coherence" theory of truth. But it is fallible.

When one trying to get rid of thinking in yoga he cannot get any truth. Thinking is a main tool in pursuit of truth. If  anyone avoids thinking and  runs after religion and yoga than  he may be sure that they do not want to be troubled by effort to think to unfold the mystery of his true existence. 

Science stops in midway, if went to the very root; it would get non dualistic  truth. All this science helps to make the reason clear, sharpens the mind, but it will take centuries for them to go to the very root.  

 Theology is based on imagination; scholasticism upon logic.  The non-dual truth can be got only inquiry analysis and reasoning on the true base and not by millions of karmas /actions as scriptures declare. Since man, world and universe is part and parcel of the illusion. Therefore, the karma based on the false self within the false experience is no use.  It is unfortunate that people agree the body is not the self, but they refuse to accept the fact that the karma theory is based on false self (ego or waking entity) since they are still slaves of their samskara or  conditioning.