Friday, April 15, 2011

One has to study the whole world, which confronts him.

Mind is universe. The mind or universe is only an object to the subject. Mind means subject and object together.  The self is only the subject without the object.   The "Who am I?" quest naturally troubles people first because everyone is most interested in himself before he gets interested in the world confronts him.

The “Who am I?” inquiry is useful as a first stage to show the illusoriness of ego and thus help seeker to realize ego is false self. This prepares him to consider the higher question: What is the universe, the truth about which cannot be learnt by those attached to their ego, with its prejudices against idealism, etc. 

If one asks why there are so many different creatures and things in the universe one may regard them as teachers, there are lessons to be learnt from them by using reason. Why did God produce all these varied forms? It is so that the ignorant people may study them and get wisdom

One has to study the whole world, which confronts him.   People think that their duty to the world to remove their personal sufferings thus their belief system becomes important to them. Seekers of truth want to get rid of all their doubts and confusion to get freedom from duality.

A yogi,  who goes on uttering “I am within everyone" or "I am Brahman" is merely repeating like a parrot words which he has read in the Upanishads or heard somewhere. It does not prove that he has realized Brahman/ultimate truth. He will be unable to prove that everything is” I AM” if hold I AM as self.

 The first thing one is aware of after waking is the world, which confronts him. Therefore the first thing he ought to study is the world, not the self; to that of which he is aware, not that which is aware. 

Self-Knowledge is not anthropocentric like mysticism for the simple reason that it takes away duality eradicates the ignorance.

Nondual wisdom deals with the whole, this not only totalizes all natural phenomena in the universe but their witness must also be included under this term.

If one speaks of sleep or Samadhi, he is still in duality for he knows that he was in those states only afterwards when awake. Hence Yoga, teaches duality, not non-duality. 

Panchadesi, P.509 v,109, shows the impossibility of yoga arriving at a successful end to its practices. 

Yoga is intended to remove the hindrance and obstacles in pursuit of truth such as sexual desire, worries, anxieties, desire for money etc., and also to enable the mind to keep out irrelevant thoughts and prepare one for the mental [inner] journey. All this has to be done before the starting of the inner journey. Therefore, yoga has only a negative value and is a preparatory stage. It is quite unnecessary in pursuit of truth itself.

The mind is in the form of universe. In this mind dwells the soul, which is in the form of consciousness. Man, who is dwelling in the universe, must attain freedom from experiencing the duality as reality. The universe contains divers’ animate and inanimate beings or things; in the invisible (subtle) all is one, indivisible.