Thursday, April 14, 2011

Self-Knowledge derives perfect understanding assimilation and realization of the truth

Self-Knowledge derives  perfect understanding assimilation and realization of the truth that, the self is neither the waking entity nor the dream entity but the formless substance and witness of the three states  through deeper self-search. 

Through deeper self search one becomes aware of the fact that , Consciousness is ultimate reality.  Reality always is and, by its own nature, is the perfect fullness always. The consciousness is ever present, for nonexistence of oneself is not known by anyone ever.

 The consciousness  is unalterable at any time, for what changes is not real but an illusion or mis- perception of what is real, and what truly exists is immutable, there being nothing else to alter it.

 If it is not completely experienced all the time, such is not due to a change or any modification in the real Absolute Self. It is not due to any external factors, for such would be only an effect of a precedent, delusive cause.

 It is due only to ignorance, which actually has no existence of its own and which does not actually belong to the immutable, ever-luminous Self,which is in the form of consciousness. Nor can it belong to another, for the conception of another is a product of ignorance, the experience of the universe ,which is in the form of  Mind’ and the mind appears as whole waking or dream experience  is product of  ignorance.  Though unreal, it seems to veil the Truth, this unreal cause yielding an unreal effect of bondage. Therefore, it is imperative that ignorance be destroyed so that no obscuration of the Self is experienced. Ignorance can be destroyed by  Self- Knowledge alone and not by any other means.

Ignorance is the lack of discrimination regarding what is real and not, what is the Self and not. discrimination, is the perception of what is real and actually the Self. Discrimination is essential for the destruction of ignorance and the inner revelation of truth. 

Spiritual Discrimination means discriminating between  matter[mind]  and the spirit[soul]  to realize  the ultimate reality. The essence of the means is the end itself. The end itself appears as the means. By clear discrimination, one discovers,understands ,assimilates and understands what is real and what is unreal and able to drop mentally what is unreal. 

Thus, one knows the Reality as it is. Discrimination  between the real and illusion  shows the direct and clear path. It shows what Realization is. It is what composes the path. In its true nature, the ultimate truth  is directly realized without any intermediary. That is the Knowledge of self , by  the self ,which is Consciousness, itself.

Self - Knowledge is not based on physicality. Physical based  knowledge is not self knowledge.  Self-knowledge is realizing, the  knowledge of the reality of the physical existence.  Self-Knowledge  basis on  Existence itself. Its attainment endures, as existence endures, for it is not dependent upon anything of a transitory character. This is the formless path to the Formless existence.