Sunday, April 10, 2011

When one focuses his attention on the self, which is not form but it is formless than the all barricade will start vanishing

Seekers  intense urge and sincerity to know the truth will lead him  towards the ultimate end.   The inner most self  is the guru  and when one  focuses his  attention on the self, which is not form  but it is formless than  the all barricade will start vanishing and  the formless runway becomes very clear. Seekers first step makes him  realize there are no step and no climber.  

There is no need to ignore anything. We all including the whole universe exist because of ignorance. We are living within the ignorance. If there is no    ignorance-then there is no separation, no duality, no mind, no world, it is only oneness. Only when one gets rid of the ignorance through Self-Knowledge one becomes aware of the truth.  The ignorance holds the duality/ illusion as reality. Ignorance is the cause of experiencing the birth, life, death and world as reality.

Therefore, one has to find the root of this ignorance, which holds the whole physical existence as reality. We are discussing the truth within the state of ignorance. Therefore, how can we get rid of the ignorance, when we are unaware of it?And because of ignorance we experience the duality/illusion as reality.  Therefore, there is a need to verify the truth of our own existence to get rid of the ignorance. 

Pursuit of truth is a mental journey. There is no need for any teaching or teacher in this journey of self-verification.  If one has intense urge to know the truth, then that urge will take him to his spiritual destination. 

One has to learn to think and reason on his own without the aid of his accumulated knowledge, to get rid of the ignorance.   One should not be judge anything on the base of logic, intellectuality, comparing everything with the accumulated knowledge and perverse thinking, which are greatest obstacle in pursuit of truth.  If one is ready to do this then he is ready to move forward towards his non dual destination. 

A well directed inquiry, analysis and deeper reasoning with all humility, seriousness and sincerity will definitely lead one towards realizing the ultimate truth. 

One has to try to find answers for himself without imagining it  but pondering through deep thinking:-

If the self is not physical then:-

v  With what one is able to know himself as a person and perceive the world?

v  Whether the mind is within the physical body or physical body and the world are within the mind.  

Whatever answers comes from within one has to verify   through deeper  reasoning  constantly, until the inner dialogue starts, and when  one starts getting answers from within, and all the doubts and confusion starts getting cleared.  Then there is no need for mental spoon feeding.  It takes a long time because the subconscious not receptive to accept the new truth.  But one’s it becomes aware of the fact that, the self is formless [soul/consciousness] then it will drop all the accumulated knowledge based on the ego/physical self.    If the subconscious receptive this will happen instantly, otherwise it happens gradually.  Once the reasoning base is rectified from form base to formless base then one becomes aware what is truth and what is untruth and he will be able to reject the untruth mentally. When untruth is rejected whatever prevails is the ultimate truth.  One should not expect this to happen instantly. It takes time it is a mental journey it is inner work through deeper thinking and reasoning. One has to have lots of patience and humility in pursuit of truth.