Friday, October 7, 2011

The eyes cannot perceive consciousness

The Gnani is the one who has realized the self is not the form but self is formless. He is released from experiencing duality as reality because he observes the worldview on the base of the consciousness, which is the true self. He is fully aware of “what is truth” and what is false in the midst of waking experience. He lives in the world but he is not of the world in the midst of waking experience. He always revels in the non dual bliss of the true Self. He has no identification with the body and the world within the waking/dream. Hence he has no idea of enjoyment or enjoyer when he exhausts the residue of his action within the waking/dream. He has no idea of action or agency. He roams about happily without attachment to duality, with a balanced mind and an equal vision. His state is indescribable. He is fully aware of the fact that his body and his experience of the world are mere mirage created out of consciousness.  For him everything is consciousness nothing but consciousness. 

 A Gnani is a great spiritual spring. He is an enlightened soul who has knowledge of the Self, which is in the form of consciousness. He is pre-eminent amongst men. He is the conqueror of the mind. He is absolutely free from experiencing duality as reality.

 For a Gnani there is no distinction between a rogue and a saint, gold and stone, high and low, man and woman, man and animal, censure and praise, honor and dishonor. He beholds the one Self everywhere. He sees consciousness in everyone and everywhere in the three states. As he is mindless, all differences and barriers have vanished from him.

In the vast ocean of consciousness of non-dual bliss, the Gnani neither sees nor hears. He remains in the tranquility of consciousness and in its non-dual nature. He sees true –self as second less as natural state. His vision or experience is beyond description. He has attained supreme quiescence. He is ever peaceful. He is of a pure nature. He has realized true self to be pure-consciousness alone. He is ever resting at perfect ease in the pleasure-garden of his own self.

 The eyes cannot perceive consciousness. The mind cannot reach consciousness. The gross worldly intellect cannot grasp consciousness . The speech cannot describe conciousness. The speech returns back along with the mind, as it is not able to describe consciousness in adequate terms because it exist in its true form prior to the appearance of the mind, which is in the form of universe.  

Gnani's say "They are baffled in their efforts to describe consciousness. Consciousness is indescribable. To describe consciousness or soul is to deny his own existence." How can a finite mind grasp the infinite? But consciousness can be directly realized by that aspirant who is equipped with the sharp, subtle and pure intellect and learn to view and judge the worldview on the true base.