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  • In most of the spiritual group or discussion forums, there are no discussions on the subject matter, but most of the people indulge in making point or getting their point across to be heard and making observations from their own limited viewpoint from their accumulated knowledge based on the false self.

    Seeker needs to do his own homework. The bookish knowledge borrowed from books will not transport the seeker to his nondual destination. Many dwelling in ignorance, thinking themselves wise and erudite, go round and round, by various tortuous paths. Consciousness is not different from mind/life. The substance and witness of the mind/life is consciousness.

    The consciousness is the true self, and when one limits the consciousness to the physical entity, it becomes ego and ego is the cause of experiencing the duality as reality. Ego is the cause of the ignorance of formless nondual nature of the consciousness. Prior to experience of duality [mind], there is only consciousness. The ego and the universe are part of the experience of duality [waking or dream]. The consciousness can remain with or without the experience of duality but ego ceases to exist without the experience of duality [mind]. The mind is fully dependent on consciousness, whereas the consciousness is independent. Therefore there is need to understand what is mind and what is substance of the mind in order to assimilate the self-knowledge.

    There is a controversy as to the meaning of Maya /illusion in Advitic schools. One Advaitic School says it is a Shakti of Brahman whereby both illusion and creation are brought about. But question is, how do one know what he knows is the ultimate truth? One cannot blindly accept on the sayings of Rishis and saints. Even granting that they honestly believed in their experiences, there is still the query with what basis they have arrived at that conclusion, and on what standpoint they say it is illusion, because on the physical point of view the world is reality. Therefore, it is for the seeker to find out by deeper thinking and reasoning to unfold the mystery of the mind/duality on his own, without the pondering into scriptures.

    Only deeper reasoning will help one to ascertain the truth of dual and nondual experiences, which appear and disappear as waking, dream and deep sleep.
    The physical body and the world are mere experiences because they are within the waking or dream experience. If one says it is mystic experience, then one’s experience differs from others and such disagreement does not settle the matter.

    The two common sources are: Scriptural authority and Samadhi--but both are untenable in pursuit of truth. The differences of Samadhi or experience are same because they are physical based and physical based Samadhi and experience is part of the illusion.

    How can one prove that Samadhi and experience are wisdom? The Samadhi is mere blankness/thoughtlessness, and it is not wisdom. Even deep sleep is blankness/thoughtlessness. Such blankness /thoughtlessness can be achieved through sleeping pills or drugs. The experiences happen on the physical plane. If there is physicality then there is duality. If there is duality then there is no reality. Therefore there is a need to know how the duality is illusion? On what standpoint it is illusion? What is reality if duality is illusion? For all these questions will crop up and the seeker have to find un-contradictable answers to realize the duality is mere illusion?

    Many people that mystic experience always gives the same result in peace and bliss. But experiencing the bliss with in the waking experience is falsehood, because waking experience itself is falsehood on the standpoint of the formless substance and witness of the three states. The formless substance and witness is the soul/spirit /true self.
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        There is no blankness when you are present and aware of thoughts floating by. Who can get rid of a thought but another thought, dressed in robes.
        The Universe may/ or may not be a great matrix illusion as a collective thought of humankind/ ...See More

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      • Chris Waller Is there a difference between witness and awareness? Maybe that is just an other story?
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  • Everyone likes Religion because it belongs to the world of emotions and sentiments. Religion changes as it appeals to different emotions. At one pole the nude saint is admired; at the other the gorgeously-dressed god men is revered.

    Seeker of truth should not be carried away by any yogi or swami standing or by the attitude of authority which he adopts in addressing to the mass. It has no value in the realm of truth. His pretends he knows everything and this attitude he adopted because his guru told him so, both of them not knowing really what truth is but they are well versed in scriptural knowledge. Scriptural knowledge is not ultimate truth.

    Yogi or swami is certainly brilliant intellectually in religious authority, but remember the religious truth is individual truth not universal. They apply reason admirably to their profession or business, but drop it and use feeling or emotion only when trying to philosophize.

    Religion is “individual truth”; spiritual truth is “universal truth.” This means religionist takes his feeling of truth whereas a Gnani takes his reasoned judgment, which will be the same under test everywhere in the universe.

    No one has ever seen God; thy only heard or read about him. Some may claim they seen in the vision. But vision is mere individual experience similar to dream. If one takes the visions as real then the dream also be taken as reality. No one knows god’s capacities, what He can create, and what he cannot create. Therefore any statement one might make about God would only be a lie, because god can exist only when man exists, and believes in belief of god. If there is no belief then there is no god. Thus god is the religious software in belief system. If the software is removed then it is only physical existence. The truth will unfold only when one is able to think beyond physical existence.

    The truth of religion can only be proved by physical strength or by imagination, or power of the weapon or political power, never by reason. Belief in religious prohibitions arises out of fear of God's punishment. Seeker of truth has to regard the theosophy in the same way as he regards the idea of God- of religion.

    Religionists place God as the unknown reality. Every religionist has a different idea of God. Every man has a different idea of real, Hence there is need to know the ultimate truth. The fallacy of religionist’s appeal to scripture lies in the varying and conflicting interpretations of the same scripture which different persons feel entitled to give or hold.

    Therefore, one has overcome all the inherited conditioning to unfold the mystery of the physical existence/mind.
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