Friday, October 14, 2011

The formless witness of the three states is one's true identity; therefore he needs to realize of this truth to realize the ultimate truth or Brahman .

The consciousness is the innermost self . Consciousness  is in everything and everywhere and it is responsible for the individual experiences happening within the illusory duality (waking). That which is not to happen will not happen despite every effort. What is bound to happen (good or bad, positive or negative) will happen certainly. Therefore, the best course is to realize the fact that, the formless substance and witness of the illusory  three states to realize the self is not form(ego)  but formless(soul or consciousness).  By  mentally tracing and realizing existence of the formless witness,   the innermost self  (soul or consciousness) becomes free from experiencing  the witnessed (illusion or duality or waking)as reality. 

All the burden and bondage are reality on the base of  false physical self and they are part of the illusion. Our true identity is formless soul or consciousness  is ever free and unattached. 

Nothing can affect, if  one learn to view and judge the worldview on the base our formless true   identity. The three states become an object,    if one is  able to witness the three states on the base of the soul as self. Thus, he  will be able to mentally bifurcate the physical existence and become aware of the fact that, the witness and the witnessed are one in essence. (Spirit is my father I and my father are one--- spiritually it means the “Spirit” (soul or consciousness) and “Mind” (waking or dream) are one in essence).

 Thus, if one  knows the essence he become free from experiencing the duality (waking) as reality.  Thus the physical self and life within the world becomes an object to to the   true identity ,which is the formless soul or consciousness.  Once this happens then the  soul prevails in its non-dual tranquility and  free from experiencing the birth,life,death and the world as reality .  

Therefore, one should  not bother about others feeling, because they do not exist when one  becomes aware of his  true identity is not physical but spirit. seeker has to Focus his attention on the formless witness of the three states and realize the three states are unreal only the formless witness of the three states  is real.(World is unreal and the Brahman alone is real- that is:-Brahman (soul or spirit or consciousness) alone is real all else (mind or universe or waking  is illusion).

Once one is  able to ignore the ignorance then you become aware all our individual experiences are as real as dream. Thus, when the wisdom dawns the waking (in which you exist as person  and his  feeling towards others and the world) becomes unreal.  

As one  focus of attention increases on the formless witness is  individualized experiences   within the waking experience starts loosing it lustre.  Thus he become free from external experiences (waking), which he is  experiencing it as reality.  One  realize the external experience (waking) in which he  exist as person  and all others including the world is mere mirage on the standpoint of his  formless nameless true identity.

The formless  witness of the three states is one's   true identity; therefore he  needs to realize of this truth to realize the ultimate truth or Brahman . 

one has to be  sharp enough to grasp the non-dual truth, than only he  will be able to realize the fact that, the individual experience of birth,life,death and the world  are part of the mirage and true nature of his  true self is formless and non-dual .  Once one  becomes aware his  true identity is not human but the spirit he is ever free from the burden and bondage of duality in the midst of  the illusory duality.  Thus one has to  cast his  burden on his  true self and go free.

The form, time and space are part of the mirage. Our true identity is unaffected by form, time and space.  Whatever is happening within the waking (person and his/her experience of the world) is nothing to do with his formless  true identity, which is the soul or consciousness. Once one  realize his  true identity is formless eternal he is  free from the experiencing  the illusory cycle of birth, life and death.

All our physical experiences have no meaning on the standpoint of our true identity. Thus dive deep inside through inquiry, analysis and reasoning and realize the fact that, the man and her experience of the world are part of the mirage created out of the soul, which is in the form of consciousness

There is no energy other then soul or consciousness. The waking and dream are like electric bulb and the soul or consciousness  is like electricity, without the electricity the bulb will not give light. Thus consciousness  itself is energy which gives sentient to waking or dream, which is insentient.