Monday, August 27, 2012

Subject--object relation has to be determined not within the waking experience (duality) but between the three states and its formless witness.

Subject--object relation has to be determined not within the waking experience (duality) but between the three states  and its formless witness.

Whatever determined between false physical identity and the object, within the experience of diversity, will reveal only the objective knowledge not the knowledge of the subject.

"MEHER BABA Said:-A true aspirant is not content with the knowledge of spiritual realities based on hearsay... he insists on the direct knowledge."

Therefore, the seeker of truth has to verify the fact through his own reasoning, before accepting anything as truth. The seeker has to accept the only uncontradicted truth.

"Nirakara said: - before indulging in pursuit of truth, seeker has to make sure, whether the self is the form, or self is the  formless, through inquiry and reasoning, and have the firm conviction about the true self.

If one finds form is the self, then the religion, yoga, atheism, theories and practices hold good for him, not the pursuit of truth.

If one finds the formless is the self, then he is fit to venture in pursuit of truth."

Seekers of truth should not indulge in arguing with the people, who have different mind set. But they have to listen to them carefully without passing any comment. And quietly through inquiry reasoning mentally on the formless true base, except if it is un-contradicted truth, and reject, if it is not the truth.

Truth pursuit is a very personal journey and, it is not for arguing with others and condemning them. But it is about making sure what the truth is, and have a firm conviction of truth for himself.

The truth revels only when one knows the real subject, and the nature of the object. When one becomes sure mentally the subject is formless object is  the form, he becomes aware of the fact, that the whole objective experience is mere mirage. And the whole objective experience is created out of the subject which is formless.

Therefore, there is no duality in subjective awareness, because everything is created and witnessed by the subject. Hence there is no second thing other then the formless subject.

There is no proof needed to know about the formless subject. The bulb cannot be powered without the electricity. The same way the experience of duality (dream or waking) cannot be powered without the formless subject.

For communication purposes they call and identify with many names and words such as: - spirit, Ataman, consciousness, awareness, self, over self, god, Brahman etc... Therefore it not correct to hold a particular word and argue. The words have no meaning in subjective awareness. The words and all the theories hold good in objective awareness (waking experience)

It is very much necessary to realize the fact that the subject is formless and object is the form in pursuit of truth.