Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Going beyond the Vedas, religion and the conceptual God, means going beyond illusion. That is end of Vedas (Veda –antha)***

Self-knowledge or Brahma Gnana frees the Soul form the cage of the illusory form, time and space.
Due to ignorance, the Soul, the innermost Self is in forgetfulness of its own true nature in the dualistic illusion.  When the Soul wakes up from its sleep of ignorance,   the unreal nature of the world, in which you exist, is exposed.

One has to go beyond the Vedas means go beyond the religion. Go beyond the religion means, go beyond concept of God.  Going beyond the Vedas, religion and the conceptual God, means going beyond illusion.   That is end of Vedas (Veda –antha).

When one goes into the annals of the history it looks like the true Advaita expounded by Sage Sri Sankara and Sage Sri, Goudpada was hidden from the populace. The seeker has to discover the ultimate truth on his own. 

That is why Sage Sri, Sankara says:~VC- 65. As a treasure hidden underground requires (for its extraction) competent instruction, excavation, the removal of stones and other such things lying above it and (finally) grasping, but never comes out by being (merely) called out by name, so the transparent Truth of the Self, which is hidden by Maya and its effects, is to be attained through the instructions of a knower of Brahman, followed by reflection, meditation and so forth, but not through perverted arguments.

 It is necessary for the seeker to do his homework, and verify the validity of all the claims, rather than blindly believe, what others expound as knowledge, till; the un-contradicted truth is obtained.

The seeker must have the courage of Buddha to accept the truth and reject the untruth. Since Buddha rejected religion, idea of God and scriptures, therefore, it is evident that, he has gone through every aspect and verified and found them to be inadequate and useless for the pursuit of truth.

Even Buddhism is mixed up with regional culture and traditions of the local religion, wherever it existed. Thus to get the full essence from Buddhism is very difficult.

The scriptures are for ignorant masses, who wholly accept the material world as it presents itself. Wisdom is for those who have begun to realize that things are not what they seem.