Thursday, November 29, 2012

Everything is made of the same substance, whether it be inside--as in dreams--or inside as in waking.

Consciousness (soul) is the substance and the witness of the duality.  The duality is present in the form of mind. The Mind is present in the form of the universe. The universe appears as waking or dream and diapers as deep sleep. The one which is aware of the coming and going of the three states is neither the waking entity nor the dream entity but the formless soul, which is present in the form of consciousness.  When the soul becomes aware of its formless non-dual true nature in the midst of duality it is called self –awareness. It is foolish to limit the consciousness only to duality because the consciousness pervades all the three states .- FORMLESS PATH

Everything is made of the same substance, whether it be inside--as in dreams--or inside as in waking. Whatever is seen as object, heard as sound or name is of the same substance. Many have   begun to suspect this truth. This is the great lesson to be learnt. Consciousness is all this."

Reason should not be interpreted to mean intellect. Reason is that which finally distinguishes between real and unreal, false and true, and therefore it takes all the three states into account.

Till wisdom is attained people generally use only intellect which is confined to waking state only. Intellect evolves into Reason as man realizes that study of the waking world is not enough, and that study of all the phenomena of mind, consciousness is required. Such study must embrace dream and sleep; hence there is no perfection of reason without analyzing the three states of consciousness.

Reason literally means 'that which distinguishes the ultimate reality from the rest.' When such discrimination between truth and falsehood by the method of reasoning is confined to the physical plane, it is intellect, logic, but when extended to the spiritual plane it is reason.

Spiritualistic reason is not based on ego but the formless soul, which is the innermost self. Soul-centric Reason is that which enables one to distinguish the real from the unreal, true from false. The intellectuals do not clearly know the difference between intellect and reason.

Knowledge derived from wisdom or Gnana is content less existence, whereas intellectuality is the ordinary dualistic knowledge. Intellectuals have no idea of the first definition of it as yet because they are not aware of the existence of the formless witness of the three states. And they refuse accept anything other than their accepted truth which are based on the false self (ego) within the false experience (waking).  "Intellectuality” is a nothing to do with Brahmic – Gnana or non-dualistic wisdom. Intellectuality is useful   in practical life within the practical world. And its judgment is based on logical conclusions based on the ego which is not the self.   

Many intellectuals have a tremendous intellect; most will agree with their theories based on the ego, which is false self within the false experience. It does mean possesses Self –knowledge or non-dualistic Gnana? And knowledge based on the false self within the false experience is limited to false experience (waking) therefore it is certainly not self-knowledge.

Gnana is usually translated as "knowledge" but that is because there is no equivalent word in English. It is more accurately "content less consciousness" or “self-awareness”.

Remembrance also is similarly relative, requiring an object to be remembered and a subject to remember. When there is no duality, who is to remember whom? The soul is the innermost self.  The “Soul, is in the form of consciousness “is ever-present. Each one wants to know the truth which is the formless soul or consciousness. The soul or consciousness is ultimate truth or Brahman.

The seeker of truth has to realize the fact that, the self is neither the waking entity not the self is the dream entity but the self is the formless soul, which witnesses the coming and going of the three states without the physical apparatus.

 The “soul” is not something new, but it is eternal and remains the same all along. People think it is some sort of blazing light but it is not so.  It is not light, not darkness. It is only as it is. It cannot be defined.

The best definition is “Self” is not form but it is the formless “Spirit”.  The scriptures speak of the Self as being the size of one's thumb, the tip of the hair, an electric spark, vast, subtler than the subtlest, etc. They have no foundation in fact. It is only being, but different from objective knowledge based on the ego, which is the false self within the false experience; it is knowledge, but different from the dualistic knowledge based on the ignorance.

 The “Self cannot be defined at all because it is prior to everything which can be defined. 

When someone is awake, we usually call him conscious, but pure awareness still exists even when he is under anesthesia. One must mentally separate pure consciousness from the objects in it, such as the waking or dream, which is an object to the soul or consciousness which is the true self. 

The self does not confine it to the body because it pervades everything and everywhere in all the three states. Self is like a mirror in which waking or dream (all bodies, all the universe appear). The self must not be limited to this or that point in space.

The word consciousness is somewhat misleading. In pursuit of truth it means "Consciousness of the waking and dream, as one thing, and pure consciousness, as another. Deep sleep is the nearest to understand pure consciousness. Not that the waking or dream experience is kept out, but one don’t and can't see it as separate because it is reabsorbed into the soul or consciousness.

No one knows the dimensions of the mind. All space is in the waking or dream only, not outside of it.  Imagination is all possible within the waking or dream.

 There is no such thing as brain-consciousness.  The consciousness is prior to the physical experience which appears within the waking or dream. Thus consciousness or soul is “brainless. Man is available only in physical awareness (universe). But consciousness can remain without physicality as it stays without it in the dream.  Science views and judges only on the standpoint of the physical awareness not the awareness beyond the physicality.