Saturday, November 17, 2012

In reality the formless substance and witness of the three states are one in essence.

There is no such thing as knowing the knower. That knowledge implies two factors, and the knower (the soul, the innermost self) not being something to be seen, can never be known as such. 

When one speaks of relation, one deals only with the known world within the waking or dream. When the known (waking or dream) goes, he says that because he actually sees the known (waking or dream) going; but he can never see the knower go. He can only say "he does not know" about it. One cannot speak of the known (three states) without the formless knower. But when the known (three states) has vanished, there is nothing to be said about the knower. 

The act of conceiving in thought demands two factors. One cannot conceive the Formless Witness, the seer or knower, because he can say nothing about it, without making it an object. It cannot be pulled down to the level of an object, the seen

The duality of formless witness and the seen(three states) is not the same as the duality of two things in the objective world within the waking or dream, for here both are known and seen, whereas there one is known; the formless witness remaining unknown and all one can say of it is "he cannot make any statement about it. It is incomprehensible.

“If formless witness disappears, as does the three states then one must posit another seer to replace it; but in fact no one has ever seen its disappearance. One never uses the word formless witness without the three states. It has no meaning apart from it.

In reality the formless substance and witness of the three states are one in essence. The essence is consciousness and it is the ultimate truth. The formless soul, the innermost  self is the witness of the three states.  And the formless witness is within the three states. And it is without the three states.  And also it is   apart from the three states.  It is within the three states as their formless substance. And it is without the three states as their formless witness. And it is also apart from the three states because it's not an entity or identity within the three states.

Lots of patience, humility is needed in pursuit of truth. Arguments on their point of view are the greatest hindrance in pursuit of truth. Thus holding any teacher and teaching or scriptures are the greatest hindrance in pursuit of truth.

Egocentric yardstick based on the accumulated knowledge is the greatest hindrance in pursuit of truth.

The Self is not a thing unknown to anyone at any time. Let a man think. As soon as waking experience comes, there must be a knower there before in order to know that he is in waking experience. 

The formless witness exists before the waking appears or the thing is seen; otherwise neither knowledge nor sensation could happen. The formless witness is always there. Even if one says it can be reached only at the end of a long path, it is impossible for it to be ever absent even while he says this.

The knower alone makes it possible for one to know anything at all. “Though, thus quite self-evident, easily known, quite near, forming the self, Atman appears, to the unenlightened mind as unknown, very remote, as though he was a separate thing. Those who do not look at the seer, the witness, and perceive it is the only thing that neither comes nor goes, are deluded, and turn outward towards things objective, which run away.