Thursday, November 15, 2012

Knowledge does not destroy the world within the waking; it only destroys its unreality—because in reality everything is consciousness.

Sage Sri Sankara:-  "As fire is the direct cause of cooking, so knowledge, and not any other form of discipline, is the direct cause of Liberation; for Liberation cannot be attained without Knowledge." (Self-Knowledge).

Sage Sri Sankara:-  As the moon appears to be moving when the clouds move in the sky, so also to the non-discriminating. Atman appears to be active when in reality the senses are active.

Sage Sri, Sankara believed that those of superior intelligence, have no need of this idea of divine causality, and can therefore dispense with Sruti and arrive at the truth of Non-Dualism by pure reason. 

Sage Sri Sankara –VC--"All this universe which through ignorance appears as of diverse forms, is nothing else but Brahman which is absolutely free from all the limitations of human thought.
Knowledge does not destroy the world within the waking; it only destroys its unreality—because in reality everything is consciousness. 

Knowledge of the dream world, which does not destroy the dream world; it shows that everything is mental or unreal

Because of one’s attachment to the body, and his identification with it, he does not feel this waking to be unreal. Not having inquired one is unaware of the fact that the body and the world are within the waking/dream and waking/dream are of constantly changing in their nature. One has to take the Witness-attitude to see the three states as fleeting appearance. 

Waking experience is continuously presenting with changing conditions. Whatever is within the waking experience may appear to be real and existent. It is a mistake to think that mental creations are seen to be unreal and non-existent.

Waking or dream are mere is only a seen/objects, no matter how exalted it be. Waking or dream never touches the formless witness, but formless witness remains always in the seen as its formless substance. It is erroneous to believe that the more one thinks, the more he will get. The thought remains as a thought and gives you back only a thought not truth. One has to become aware of the fact the thoughts arise only within the waking or dream. Thus one has to trace the source of the three states not the source of the thought to unfold the mystery of the duality. 

One can only know an experience when one discriminates between it and the state of mind when it was non-existent just as he knows a black by its contrast to white. 

The only certain thing about the waking is that it is forever changing; it changes in deep sleep and deep sleep changes into the dream, no one can prevent this change it is happening on its own accord. In contrast to the three states, the soul or witness of the three states is the only thing of its unchanging character one can be certain. Through the soul or witness one becomes aware about all the changes in consciousness, remaining itself relatively constant, as a standard of reference for them. 

The term witness, Seer, Self is used in a non-dual sense, without reference to the three states witnessed, absolute awareness, not relative.

The three states which is an object to the formless witness (the soul, the innermost self) is ever-changing but never the formless witness. The three states come and go, but that does not prove that one state produces or causes another. 

If the previous state consciousness has really vanished, the memory of it would be impossible. Its disappearance into the source or soul is no real disappearance. One only remembers that it has gone and come; that which perceives these states can alone be said to exist: That is the soul, the innermost self. One only relies on the formless witness or soul, and none has seen the birth or change of formless witness or soul.

People think negating means negating the objects and they think that it is impossible to negate objects. “They are thinking negating the objects as a person within the waking experience. It is not so, it is the negating the three states, on the base of the formless witness or the soul.

Since the three states are made of the same essence, they are non-different, but appear to change. The three states are of the same essence as soul or consciousness, is non-different from it but appears to change and be different from it.

One cannot say how the waking or  the dream has appeared; only that they are and they are in the mind and are the mind. When the mind is there they are present. Absence of mind, absent of the waking or the  dream. 

The true Self is not this body, nor this world; true self is the witness of both. The body may be moving within the world in waking or dream, but the true soul or self, seeing the changes. The body is born and lives within the waking or dream but true soul or self, remains as the witness of these changes. Soul, the innermost self is the Witness, the Awareness. 

The seeker of truth should not imprison himself in his own creation by imagining the mind or ’I’ to be limited to the physical body. Just as space fills both inside and outside of the bottle, so the true self or soul permeates the whole waking or dream. 

One can't see the three states independently without the true soul or self. "Time, Space and Causation" are mental and present only in waking or dream. The essence of the three states themselves is consciousness alone.