Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The God is one and God is universal***

People make God and their master or Guru as the center of their existence.  They are hallucinating about their idea of God and Master or Guru. Such people will never be able to overcome the ignorance. The path of wisdom is not suitable for those who believe in their religion, their idea of God   and faith in the physical Guru or Master. Such people must tread their own chosen path, which gives them satisfaction. By mixing up religion and the religious idea of God and trying to impose their religious idea of God will make them permanent prisoners of ignorance.

One should not hold a God as the center of the existence without knowing ‘what God really is'.
Lord Krishna Says: ~ “Those who know me in truth.". The last two words (tattvataha) are usually ignored by pundits, but they make all the difference between the ordinary concept of God and the truth about God. (Ch~V) .

The Bhagavad Gita: ~ Brahmano hi pratisthaham Brahman (God) is considered the all-pervading consciousness (Spirit) which is the basis of all the animate and inanimate entities and material (Gita 14.27)

The religious Gods exist within the domain of the dualistic illusion (waking). The religious Gods exist separately from the world in which man exists. Separation implies duality.   The duality always implies a contradiction.  From the nondualistic perspective, the duality is mere an illusion.  Thus, the world in which man exists is within the domain of the duality. Thus, the world in which man exists is mere a dualistic illusion. The dualistic illusion is created out of a single stuff and that single stuff is the Soul, which is present in the form of the Spirit. Thus, the Spirit (consciousness) alone is real and eternal. The ‘Spirit’ is the ultimate truth. The ultimate truth is God.

 On the standpoint of the Soul, the innermost Self, the religious Gods ceases to exist because the Soul, which is the form of the ‘Spirit’ itself is God. All the religious Gods are imaginary Gods.

Religious Gods are an object, therefore, the Soul, the innermost self, contradict such imaginary Gods who depend upon the 'Spirit’ for their existence. Every religion has its own idea of God or Gods. When there are two, then there is a contradiction, one cannot find non-contradiction in this dualistic world.

A Gnani boldly declares that the religious God does not exist, because Such Gods existence implies that the Soul, the innermost Self   different from God.

The Bible says:~ “God is a Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24)”.

In Yajurveda – chapter- 32:~,   It has been said that God Supreme or Supreme Spirit has no ‘Pratima’ (idol) or material shape. God cannot be seen directly by anyone. God pervades all beings and all directions. Thus,   Idolatry does not find any support from the Vedas.

The Vedas exclaim from time immemorial: ~     Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudha Vadanti, Existence is One Rig Veda, 1-164-146.

RIG VEDA~ The Atman (Soul) is the cause; Atman is the support of all that exists in this universe. May ye never turn away from the Atman the innermost self. May ye never accept another God in place of the Atman nor worship other than the Atman?" (10:48, 5)

The Upanishads say in effect that: ~ if you believe that the Soul is one and God (Brahman) is another you cannot understand Truth.

Brihad Upanishad: ~ “If you think there is another entity, whether man or God there is no truth."

The God is one and universal.  God is the Spirit.  The Spirit is the Soul, the innermost Self.  The God is the Soul, the innermost Self.  The Soul is the Supreme Being the One eternal homogeneous essence, indivisible consciousness   and intelligence, which is beyond the form, time, and space.   To which the Sages describe in a variety of ways through diverse words.

Any kind of difference means contradiction. Nothing exists other than the Soul, which is present in the form of the ‘Spirit’. Advaita means the negation of the second thing. "Neti, Neti," not this, not this means ~ Negation of second thing other than the ‘Spirit’, which is God.   Every word we utter we are uttering within the dualistic illusion. The dualistic illusion is not permanent.

The way of negating "It is not this, not that" is also a way of defining, of conveying the meaning of Reality as much as any positive definition.  One has to mentally distinguish the real from the unreal.

The seeker has to go on negating the unreal world in which we exist by the realizing the Soul, which is present in the form of the Spirit (consciousness), which is real and eternal. The ‘Spirit’ is the cause of the universe in which we exist and it itself is uncaused.

 To find the Advaitic truth, which is beyond the form, time and space is to eliminate  the form, time and space mentally by  realizing the form, time and space are mere an illusion created out of the  ‘Spirit’.  The form, time, and space are ‘Spirit’ in their essence.  Thus, ‘Spirit’ alone is real and eternal.   The ‘Spirit’ is the ultimate truth and ultimate truth is God. .