Saturday, March 30, 2013

Adyathmic Dicussion - 380 -(Meher Baba)

Trev light Bown :- Meher Baba does sound very much awake and living as Gnani as formless being. But was it really without a Guru or teacher.

He was student/disciple of Hazarath Babajan for a 7 year process of spiritual guidance. He had contact with 5 others who he referred to as "the 5 perfect masters".

 Then he spent 5 years with Upsani Maharaja who himself was a disciple of Sai Baba of Shirdi.

So it is possible that it was by shaktipat/grace of Guru that he found enlightenment as well as deep thinking and grasping by mind.

SK:- When one bifurcates mysticism from Meher Baba’s writing one smells pure Advaitic essence. He says the innermost self is God.  Thus he bases his self on the real self, which is the soul. Hazarath Babazan was his guru but his spiritual mother. Meher Baba declared 5 Perfect masters.  Hazarath Babazan was a real Gnani who always immersed in the self-awareness. Sai Baba of Shiradi had not accepted any one as his disciple. But everyone around him considered Sai Baba as their guru or God.  Upasani Baba was one of the many who considered Sai Baba as his Guru.   Meher Baba went to meet Sai Baba to request him to accept him as his disciple but seeing Meher Baba, Sai Baba proclaimed as Parvadigar ( Messiah or Avatar)  and did not accept him as his disciple but sent his to meet Upasani Baba. Sai Baba never accepted Meher Baba as disciple even though Meher Baba declared Sai Baba as his Guru.  Upasani Baba declared Meher Baba as his disciple.  These are all mystical business.  The Sai Baba and Meher Baba both were Sufi saints of highest order and also they were Gnanis.   

All these inspiring stories  of the saints are important in the preliminary stages of spiritual pursuit but later stages the seeker has to drop all these because when the seeker gets to know the world is an illusion he will realize whatever is happening within the world is bound to be illusion. When the whole universe is made of the single stuff than the form and names within the illusory world has no value. 

Meher Baba declared: - To love God as he ought to be loved, we must love for God and die for god, knowing that the goal of life is to know God, and find him as our own self. It means find god as our innermost self -- that is he insisted for self –realization.

Meher Baba said: - To love God as he ought to be loved, we must love for God and die for god, knowing that the goal of life is to know God, and find him as our own self.

To realize God is to attain liberation from the bondage of illusion. 

Live only to find and realize your true identity with your beloved God.

The energy which is expended in mere thinking, taking or writing is like steam which escapes through the whistle of railway engine …

That is why the sages have always insisted on practice rather than theory. This applies particularly to those who want to know and realize God.  
-----It means one has to one has to know and realize his inner most self is God and identify it has his true identity to find liberation from the bondage of  the illusion of birth, life, death and world (duality).   The goal of our life is to find and realize our identity with our beloved God, which is our innermost self. 

Neither Sai Baba nor Meher Baba were not the product of Shakti Path. Sai Baba and Meher Baba were real Gnanis for the seeker of truth and also they were guru or god and Avatara for the ignorant mass. The one who is in the path of wisdom must observe everything on the soulcentric view point then only they will be able to realize ‘what is truth’ and ‘what is untruth.