Thursday, March 21, 2013

The seeker who has an intense urge in knowing the truth and sharp ienough to to grasp***

All these experiences as father, son, guru, and pupil were one and the same consciousness appearing differently. All these distinctions disappear when one realizes the ultimate truth.

 In the dream the mountain which is apparently insentient and material, is nevertheless still your mind alone. Whether living or dead, conscious or unconscious thought or matter; all things are appearances of one and the same consciousness. All these distinctions are seen by Gnani as only the consciousness. : ~ Santthosh Kumaar 

The seeker after the truth should take to soul centric reasoning and discriminate between dual and non-dual experiences to realize 'what the truth' is and 'what is untruth'. 

The seeker who has an intense urge in knowing the truth and sharp in grasping,  understanding and assimilating the truth  without the scriptures. The one who has got these characteristics is the fit recipient of the Self- knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana.

People, who have not become firm in their power of reason, quote someone else as an authority to support their reasoning because they have not got fullest confidence in their own powers. 

The words are used only communication purpose. The look of an object will depend upon the medium through which the observer views it. In fact, our mental and intellectual conditions will determine the phenomenal world observed and experienced.  The ignorant viewing the world confronting him sees it different from a Gnani viewing the same world. Each one of us interprets the world one sees in terms of his existing knowledge. A Gnani sees the world and its contents as the illusory play as consciousness whereas ignorant sees the world and its contents as reality. : ~ Santthosh Kumaar

 When one is certain, he does not need any authority to support or confirm himself. There is no need for it. To appeal to others views, indicates his own reasoning is incomplete. Thus, seeker has to do his own homework independently. 

Gnanis quote the verified citation of scriptures or sages of the past just to inspire the seekers who hold scriptures are the ultimate authority to show the scriptures or sages are saying the same thing. 

The seeker must not tell a lie is the first requirement in the pursuit of truth.” What he like for practical life it is not concerned with the ultimate truth or Brahman. The seeker has to keep his intuitions and instincts at a distance and he has to stick to known fact. To inquire, analyze and reason means to go to the very end of things. 

Sharpness to grasp the truth is necessary in pursuit of truth. By merely hearing the truth mentioned they will grasp it. 

The seeker has to analyze the three states, and he has to think consistently on it. Exercise his thinking faculty and inquire continually; discrimination is essential; this practice is the only way to understand, assimilate and realize the non-dual truth.