Sunday, April 14, 2013

Adyathmic Discussion-401 ( The universe will not vanish, when wisdom dawns)

Trev Light Bown :- "The universe will not vanish, when wisdom dawns, only the ignorance disappears and unreal nature of the universe or mind or waking is exposed, same way as the unreal nature of the dream exposed when waking takes place."

Ah so on awakening as Gnani the universe, world is still there as real as it was. But dreams always disappear. By calling everyday living as dream or illusion is wrong choice of words.

SK:- Gnana is possible only in the realm of duality. In Nonduality there is no second thing exists other than the soul or consciousness or spirit. Thus the seeker travels from ignorance to wisdom within the duality.   A Gnani is fully aware of the fact that, his body, his ego and his experience of the world as consciousness whereas the ignorant believes his body, his ego and his world as real thus he experiences the duality as reality.

The dream reality is reality till waking takes place. The unreal nature of the dream is exposed when waking takes place. Thus the dream is never again becomes a reality. Similarly for Gnani is fully aware of the unreal nature of the waking in the midst of waking. Since Gnani is soulcentric his judgment is based on the soul he sees his body as consciousness, his ego as consciousness and his experience of the world consciousness. Thus for a Gnani everything is consciousness and the consciousness alone is real and everything else is mere mirage created out of consciousness.  Whereas the ignorant   is egocentric and he takes the physical existence (universe) as reality. Thus when everything is observed on the base of ego the all sorts of doubts will prevail. When one is soulcentric there are no doubts and there is no confusion and no scope for any argument.  Whatever is happening within the waking or whatever happening within the dream is nothing to do with the soul. Thus to know the truth one has to realize ‘what is that becomes the ‘waking experience’ and ‘what is it that becomes a dream?  and what is it that remains with or without the waking or dream?  

It becomes very difficult to assimilate Nondualistic or Advaitic truth for those who believe the experience of birth, life, death and the world as reality and hold egocentric paths and theories as ultimate truth.  Gradually they will start accepting the truth as they go deeper in self-search.  thus the judgment should be on the soul not on the ego before coming to any conclusion or  pasing any opnion.